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Stop with all the labels!

Size 10 or size 12

Yummy mummy or slummy mummy

Tots100 or not quite making it

Homebirth or c-section

Breastfeeding or bottle feeding

Working mum or stay at home mum

Fat or thin

Happy or sad

Old or young

Interesting or dull

Commented on or ignored

Homegrown or shop bought

Friends or enemies

Fast or slow
Co-sleeping or cot

Babywearing or buggies

Coping or not

Healthy or sick

Fit or flabby

Married or single

Wrinkled or worked on

Short or tall

Dark or fair

Beauty or beast

Posh or common

Smart or scruffy

In or out

Hot or not

Life isn’t about categories or making people fit into little boxes. 

We’re all different, embrace the differences and get on with living life.

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