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Tales from my smallholding – homemade fat balls

We did this a few weeks back and its gone down a hit with the small feathered friends in the garden

The apple tree is just outside our kitchen window so we can now sit and drink tea whilst watching the tits (yes, Mr Muddling it was a green tit not a great tit…) and our robin feeding. ┬áThe chickens have also wised up that the birds drop bits and so are spending rather a lot of time just below the feeders.

I had some beef dripping which we melted and then stirred in mixed fruit, wild bird food and the peanuts I accidentally bought a 25 kilo bag of (accidents do happen, right?) and then crammed into the coconut feeder that the birds had emptied before and made little balls.

Left them to cool and then hung out in the garden – simple, not really very messy and its ensured that the birds are happy and fed until the spring really kicks off.

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5 comments to Tales from my smallholding – homemade fat balls

  • Emily O

    Well done you, I’ve been meaning to do this all winter with the children but, er, haven’t got round to it. It’s good to do all year though, especially when the birds have got their little ones to feed. So I’ll get round to it at some point.

  • That’s putting beef dripping to much better use than spreading it on toast with a sprinkling of salt. Used to have that as kids…I don’t think looking after our hearts was high up on mum’s agenda!

  • Whimsical Wife

    Ohhh lucky you! I long to feed the birds but unfortunately Mr Cat would be sat right underneath with his mouth wide open!

  • We have yet to find anything that the squirrels don’t sabotage. I’d love to, because we do get some nice birds in our garden (tits and robins) even though we’re in London. But the squirrels just run riot….

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