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Dairy free life – pancakes!

You didn’t think you’d have to miss pancakes because they’re almost entirely milk did you?


We have a great recipe for dairy free pancakes that cooks brilliantly. ¬†Just make sure that you use plenty of lemon and sugar because you can sort of taste the oat milk (which isn’t a problem if you like oat milk, its just a problem if you haven’t spent your dairy free and you remember what pancakes taste like when made with milk and butter…)


Makes about 8 pancakes, more if you’re good at getting them thin, but should be enough for tea for a couple of hungry small people plus one for the cook

110g plain flour

2 eggs

200ml oat milk topped up with 75ml water

Measure out the flour.

Break the eggs into the oat milk/water mixture and whisk together.

Make a dent in the middle of the flour and start pouring a little bit of the milk/egg mix in, using a whisk (or a fork, or an electric mixer) whisk into the flour and gradually add the milk/egg mix in.  Whisk away until all the flour is in forming a paste (and whisking out the lumps and bumps) and gradually add in the liquid until you have a thin-ish batter.

Cook in the usual manner and enjoy (and if you’re lucky you might get a picture of them before the tester grabs them…)

If you want some videos on how to do it – here’s Bigger and I showing you how to mix them and how to flip the perfect pancake!

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