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I want to love my e-reader but…

… I mean electronic books at nearly £10 a go?

What about the saving from not printing it onto paper?

From not shipping it from A to B?

So why are they more than actual books?

What about the fact I can’t use anything electronic in the bath?

What about the fact that whilst ebooks are nice they don’t quite feel like the proper thing?
I like the idea of electronic books, I particularly like the idea of not taking up most of my hand luggage with books when I go on holiday.  I admit that having half a dozen books loaded onto my iPad meant I went on my holiday with a lot less in my handbag than I usually would.  But I did still end up coming home with one paperback book lent by a friend.

And choosing them isn’t really the same thing as choosing a real book?
Not least because spending that much on a book, more than a cheap paperback, doesn’t seem right.

And then I don’t have the actual, physical book.
Which means what happens if I want to come back to it time and again in the future?

I have some books I adore, that I keep coming back to.  Time and time again.

I have books that I have sought out, that have gone out of print, that I have spent time tracking down and that I now love and nurture.

And why if electronic books are going to be expensive can’t they be like CDs where I can have the actual CD and the electronic version?

So are you a Kindle or iPad fan?

Are electronic books the great new thing or just a gimic?

And how on earth can I find a way so I can read it in the bath without frying it?

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7 comments to I want to love my e-reader but…

  • Troy

    Hi, I’m new here via Auntie Gwen’s blog. I so agree with what you’ve written. I mean a book is something to hold, touch, smell and enjoy and then perhaps years later pick back up when casually browsing your book shelves. Something special is being lost with e-books. I can readily imagine my young son in time coming to explore my bookcases but couldn’t see him browsing an electronic database.

    • Muddling Along

      Hello! Welcome!

      I know and what about how wonderful books become as they get old – the smell, the feel of antique books

  • I have a Nook Color and I love it! I do sometimes miss the feel and the smell of reading a real book though.

  • I’m a total technophobe and avoid both! I love my bookcases full of well worn, well read books that I can read time and time again and in the bath if I want to…

    • Muddling Along

      Have you seen my upstairs landing? Full of books… trouble is I’m now having to buy some things in paperback once I’ve read them in electronic because I want to keep them

  • Wow, I didn’t realise ebooks were that expensive. I figured the whole point was that they were cheaper.
    Nope, I don’t think I’ll be swayed into that way of reading. I just love books. I love having a huge ‘To Read’ pile, I love the feel of books, I love that you don’t really have to be careful with them (you can drop them on the floor when nodding off in bed or dip the corner in the bath), I love having a bookcase (although most of my fiction now has to live in the loft) and I love the idea of being able to lend a book to a friend if you’ve read something that inspired you.
    I also love wasting time in libraries and bookshops! And I know I shouldn’t but I do judge a book by it’s cover and love book with intersting covers.
    Can you tell this is a subject I have lots of opinions on?

    • Muddling Along

      I’m the same I want to love it and can see it having a bit of use but I can’t give up on my paperbacks (or even the occasional treat of a hardback)… wish we could have both if you’d bought the physical book

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