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Did you notice I’ve been away?

I haven’t been ignoring people the last few days.

Instead Mr Muddling and I snuck off for a few days.

Without the small people!

And it has been lovely.
Yes I missed them but I knew they were being well looked after and they are sort of used to being left in the tender care of other people.

We ski-ed lots.
We also did plenty of apres ski – lots of dancing on benches, silly music and, well, beer.

But I’m now back and have collected them to lots of happiness and cuddles from both sides.

So I could be posting something profound or meaningful or lots of lovely pictures but I’m afraid the weather was only good on the last day and I was too busy enjoying myself to take lots of photos…

Um sorry about that.

And now I’m pottering off to google reader to catch up on what you lot have been up to.
Its nice to be back!

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