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Tales from my smallholding – the first green shoots

Been a bit disorganised this year and only just got around to thinking about what to do with the veggie patch this year.

Its been quite nice to not have to worry about weeding, working, keeping the veggie patch under control during the winter.
Except now its Spring and the rhubarb is sprouting and I really need to think about what we’re going to grow this year.  Like fewer courgettes, obviously!

So in a burst of enthusiasm and organisation I have my seed potatoes now chitting on the windowsill!

I have a plan for what we’re planting this year (should it be 3 or 4 courgette plants?  What is the right amount so we don’t end up eating courgette with every single meal for weeks) and we’ve even got a corner where we’re going to have sunflowers!

Next door’s cess pool has overflowed again so the top end of the patch is nicely fertilised and I’ve had an afternoon of immense happiness using my own well rotted compost (!) on the asparagus bed.  Admittedly its still a good year until we can have any asparagus off it but hey, it still makes me ridiculously happy that I’m growing the stuff.
And even better, it turns out that Mr Muddling doesn’t like asparagus so even more for me!!!

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13 comments to Tales from my smallholding – the first green shoots

  • I’m just as giddy about my veg patch. We’ve just created a bigger and better one up at our guest house I am so impatient I want to plant everything now, even though it’s too early.

    PS Sir Titters or Alan Titchmarsh, as everyone else calls him, reckons 1 courgette plant is all you need, likewise with cucumbers. I shall no doubt be ignoring his sage advice as well… x

  • oooh we’re just planning out our new veg plot and kitchen garden. EXCITING! I just tagged you btw…;-)

  • Your veg patch sounds fab apart from the top end – I’d be avoiding that at all costs….

  • Aaahh … I used to love doing my veg patch, but life took over and other things took priority. I used to pretend I was doing it for the kids, but secretly it was for me. Maybe I’ll start it up again! Courgette mountains every summer!

  • I was going to say – no more than 2 courgette plants, but if you have a good one, one is definitely enough. I’m a bit of a non green finger person so I plant 3 in the hope to get one to survive 😉
    So exciting that it’s spring time and all those shoots are coming up.

  • Have you tried yellow courgettes, they’re brilliant to grow and one or two plants is more than enough for t he family. My kids love the colour and they don’t sprawl too much, giving you more room for more veggies! I’m just about to plant my broad beans. Happy planting!

  • Every year I have good intentions to grow my own and save money but I end up neglecting them and getting dismal results.I need something that needs minimal care!

    • Muddling Along

      I’m very much in the minimal care (and effort) camp

      Potatoes, carrots, courgettes and salad are my staples plus raspberries and rhubarb on the side. Also had some (limited) luck with sweetcorn last year so trying that again

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