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So who wants to try making breastmilk icecream?

Little bit of a storm in a teacup kicking off with the good readers of the Daily Mail and elsewhere suggesting that breastmilk icecream is totally unacceptable and a bit strange.
And to be honest not helped by the makers launching it with sexy waitresses, baby bottles and rusks.  I mean why do you need a baby bottle?  Its nothing to do with bottles, its all about breasts and babies? 

But is has been interesting watching people’s reactions to the mere idea.

People have suggested that breastmilk is strange, is yucky, is weird
Which does seem a little peculiar given that almost all are happy to drink milk from cows. 

Hmmm not happy to even try the stuff designed by nature for your own species but happy to try that from another one?  Ok nothing funny in that sort of attitude.

I initially was interested in the idea of breastmilk icecream because I have a stash of frozen milk in my freezer and was wondering what to do with it.  Its milk I pumped for the milk bank that they didn’t get around to collecting and I didn’t push them to collect it too hard because I wanted a back up in case I had to travel more and Littler didn’t do so well with the oat milk.  Except she loves oat milk, I’ve not really travelled as much as I expected and well, I’ve ended up with a couple of litres sitting  in my freezer with nothing to do.

Someone suggested making it into icecream and I tumbled into this storm in a teacup.

You see, I’ve tasted breastmilk. 

I mean you do, don’t you?

 It splashes, it squirts, it drips onto things and you end up licking your fingers. 

Its not as if you’re going to take a quick swig from your own boob but you do end up knowing what it tastes like.
And its nothing like cows milk.  Which is good because I don’t much like cows milk.

Its sweeter for a start.

And actually it probably would make rather good icecream.  Or at least not bad icecream. 

Anyone fancy some of my stash to give it a go?  I’ve had all the donor blood tests and so on.
Go on? 


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5 comments to So who wants to try making breastmilk icecream?

  • Rachael

    Hmmmm, as much as I’m all for breastfeeding, and I do it myself, and I would encourage friends to do it, in fact I’d work really hard to help them succeed at it… It IS a bit weird. I mean, what other bodily fluids is it ok to consume? Ok, don’t answer that.

    I also can’t stand cow’s milk though.

    However, don’t throw it away. There’s nothing wrong with the kids drinking it. My toddler has had a few cups of my breastmilk since I’ve had the baby. It’s one less thing for him to get jealous about if I say he can have some and it saves me the pain of wasting it if I don’t want to give baby a bottle yet (the case until two days ago) or he rejects a bottle of breastmilk (the case today)!

  • Helene Kydd

    If mad women want to sell their milk 10 ounces for £15 I would not have a problem if there were no premature babies in UK in need of donor milk. I do not believe that donor milk is readily available. Biggest killer of prem babies is NEC (a disease where part of their immature gut dies) and outcomes improve dramatically if NO formula is introduced.

  • Emma Bratby

    Just another example of the ridiculous attitude many people have in this country have towards breastfeeding and anything related to it.
    There was an article in The Independent about this and the woman referred to the breast milk as disgusting.
    It just baffles me that people are so squeamish about something so natural. It also angers me that when organisations are trying so hard to promote breastfeeding there is always someone determined to say how ‘freaky’ it is, e.g all the ” I breastfed my Dad ” type stories in certain magazines.

  • Having had a very premature baby I’m in the camp that breast milk is for babies, especially those who need it most. Many mothers of very premature babies struggle to produce their own breast milk or to sustain doing so for very long when the baby cannot feed directly. To think that some mothers might think it’s a good money making opportunity to sell breast milk to an ice cream parlour disgusts me.

    • Muddling Along

      But perhaps might remind people that you can pump milk

      I found the battle to donate really frustrating and the fact I still have litres in the freezer makes me so cross – it could have been used much better for the babies I pumped it for

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