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Dairy free life – Thai salmon fishcakes

We probably don’t eat enough fish, for some reason I’ve not got that many fish-based recipes in my repertoire and I struggle to get Mr Muddling to eat anything that looks like it might have happily swum around too recently so despite loving trout that tends to be a no go.

This combines his love of chilli with my aim of getting more fish in our lives and the girls love it too.  I did initially make smaller cakes for the girls but now don’t bother.  Oh and it freezes well so ticks my favourite box of cooking for one dinner covering a meal for the girls plus spare in the freezer!

2 salmon steaks
8 peeled and diced potatoes
Diary free spread (Pure or similar)
Plain flour
2 eggs
Thai chilli sauce

Start off by starting the process of warming oil up to deep fry – it needs to get really hot so pop it on the hob now and come back to stir it every few minutes whilst you’re preparing the fishcakes.  You don’t have to deep fat fry, you could shallow fry in a frying pan or even bake in the oven but I think they come out crunchier done this way.

Pop the salmon in a microwavable container and cover with cling and blitz on high for 3 minutes.

Whilst the salmon is cooking peel and dice the potatoes and pop into boiling water for 12 minutes.

Once the salmon is cooked (colour changes to a lighter pink) let it cool (unless you’re feeling brave or particularly handy or in a rush in which case rush on and don’t bother to wait) and then remove from the skin and transfer the flesh into a big bowl.

When the potatoes are done and a bit mussy, drain and then mash, adding in a knob of dairy free spread to make the consistency a bit smoother.

Mix the mash and salmon together in your bowl and then add a couple of slugs of Thai chilli sauce to taste (we like things spicy and they very in strength so take it easy unless you’re chilli fiends).  Allow the mash/salmon mix to cool down until its a temperature you’re happy handling.

Once its cool enough to handle, grab a handful and make it into a ball, size up to you but once you squish it down it’ll flatten into the size of the fishcake so bear that in mind.  Put it onto a plate and repeat until you’ve used up all the mix.

The next bit is messy.  You’re going to turn the fishcakes in one bowl with the flour, then dip in another bowl with the whisked egg and finally roll in another bowl with the breadcrumbs before popping onto another plate and pressing them into flat fishcakes.  You are going to get messy fingers so probably best to set up a production line and see if you can get into using left hand for flour and into egg and right hand for out of egg and into breadcrumbs.  Either way you’ll end up with eggy breadcrumby fingers.

Set the breadcrumbed fishcakes onto on a baking tray and then either pop in the oven for 20 minutes or until golden brown (I use an Aga so they just go in the roasting oven but otherwise I’d cook them at 200 degrees C) or then prepare to deep fry.

The oil is hot enough for frying if you drop a breadcrumb in and it immediately sizzles away and starts to go brown.

Pop in a few fishcakes and let them sizzle away for 3 minutes each (or until golden brown), remove onto a plate with some kitchen roll on to absorb surplus fat and keep going in batches until you’ve done them all.

Serve and enjoy.  They keep for a couple of days in the fridge and freeze really well.

*I make my own breadcrumbs – we always seem to get to the end of the week with a couple of lonely and dry slices of bread left over.  These get put into the oven on low to dry out further and then blitzed in the magimix to make breadcrumbs.  I then store them in bags in the freezer ready for when I need to use them.  You can buy breadcrumbs but these don’t have the extra salt or enumbers in and I know for certain they don’t have any hidden dairy.

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