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Hooky happiness – slow progress

I’m still at the blanket that I should have not made as wide as I did*.

Its still taking the better part of an hour to do a stripe.

Its still definitely not long enough (current best estimates are that it needs to be between the same again and three times as wide… wibble).

But I am still making progress, if slow but still progress.

I’m up to 40 lines.   I’ve had to buy more wool.  I still haven’t sewn in most of the ends (don’t suppose there is somebody out there who would do that for me, please?) and even when I’ve done the stripes I’m then going to need to do the edging.

I think I’m going to be doing this blanket for the rest of my life.  Which is a worry because I don’t think I like a couple of the early colour combinations.  Oops.

But it is very pretty and it does keep me warm in the evenings – something rather nice about sitting in my favourite armchair with a blanket I’m making keeping my legs warm!

Must find another and quicker project to start on – you know a project I might be able to actually finish because I’ve an awful lot of half done jobs cluttering up my wool basket.

Any ideas?

* It seemed like a good idea to add on an extra 10 inches to the width so it would be really wide like our bed… not realising that this would add hours and hours and hours and hours and hours to the amount of time it would take me to make the infernal thing.

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9 comments to Hooky happiness – slow progress

  • ahh, i feel your pain. I dont like some of the early colour combos too. When I found out I was pregnant I soon cut the size of the blanket down. Glad I did as it was costing me a fortune in the wool. If i make another i will have to choose less expensive wool!

    Good luck with it, it will be worth it in the end

    • Muddling Along

      This is going to be the most expensive blanket in the world EVER! If you take the number of hours I’ve spent on it plus all the wool. Still hope it will be finished one day – the thought of doing the edging makes me feel quite ill

  • Scribbling Mum

    Ah, but just think of the joy on your granddaughter’s face when you finish it and give it to her for her christening gift. Hee hee. You’ll get there, this blanket will become a family heirloom, people will talk about it and you will be proud. And you can’t give up now as we’ll all keep pestering you about how it’s going, are you nearly done yet?, etc etc. I wish you luck x

    • Muddling Along

      Fortunately another delivery of wool has arrived so I might have enough to finish it… just need the time now!

      I am so going to get it done before I have granddaughters!

  • I have a similar blanket in my crochet bag. I didn’t make it too wide but I am not the fastest and each row with the ends being sewn in takes an hour like yours. I am thinking that it will be a half width blanket for my legs in the evening. Or I might just go insane finishing it.

    I stopped before Christmas to make my sister a scarf, then my stepmum wanted one for her birthday and now I am crocheting toys for the new baby and Piran and other people’s new babies. I will go back to it in the end I am sure!

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