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Keep things for best or use them & enjoy them?

Don’t know what to do… don’t know what to do…

For my birthday I have been given some lovely cushions.  Well actually I got given some money and instead of being sensible I’ve bought cushions that I really really wanted and adore.

Except the trouble is where should they live.
Part of me says that they should go into our bedroom or the nice living room but another part of me says that I really should keep them where I’ll see them every day where they can be admired and enjoyed.  But then they will be at risk of the twin terrors and the trail of destruction that comes in their wake… milk, snot, felt tips and worse

And they are lovely and I’d like them to stay being lovely but in order to do that I risk not seeing them much at all.

We have lovely china we were given for our wedding – its beautiful but it doesn’t really get used.
We have a living room which we keep as a child free zone and its lovely – we only use it occasionally but its calming, pleasant, tidy, and not covered in marks or scattered with broken things.

I’m torn – what to do ?  Keep it for best, use it and enjoy it?

What would you do ?

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14 comments to Keep things for best or use them & enjoy them?

  • Use them, please dont keep things for good, becuase you never know how long life may be

  • USE! But then I was against getting “Sunday China” as well. Just think – even if they are worn out in a year’s time, how much use you will have got and how much enjoyment. If you put them somewhere hidden they may still get spoilt somehow or just go dusty and you won’t have the enjoyment.

    • Muddling Along

      You have hit the nail right on the head!

      Use, enjoy, replace if I need to and yes the mice could get to them if I store them (and our smart living room is getting destroyed anyway despite my best efforts so hey go with the flow)

  • USE! I say this whilst sitting in the most expensive piece of clothing I ever bought, a gorgeous cashmere cardi type thing which I now wear every night with my pjs. It’s all glamour my life. But I love it and I wear it and I feel I really enjoyed every minute. I have no smart clothes left, but if I hadn’t worn it it would be thrust at the back of the cupboard and I wouldn’t have enjoyed it at all.

  • I got myself some nice cushions with my birthday money too. They are on the main sofa and I often see my kids doing things to them I don’t like…

    Some of the wedding crystal is in my parents’ garage as at the moment I am not in a position to entertain and there is no way I can afford to replace any that is broken. Hope to be able to have in use again one day…

    • Muddling Along

      Sad that nice things get broken and ruined – its been why I’ve been so worried about the cushions but I should enjoy some things. Everything in moderation

  • I always used to keep things for best but then I realised life is just too short. If you’ve got something lovely then let it be seen!! (and perhaps hide the felt tips, LOL)

  • Kirsty

    Usually I’m all for using things. We use our wedding crockery every day (we got sturdy Denby as I knew we’d want to use it) and I totally agree about clothes, wear and enjoy as you never know when shape or fashion will change, or you might just go off them. But I dunno, I think with these cushions, given that you have a special living room that’s just for relaxing when you want some time to yourself, I’d put them in there and keep them special. And resolve to go in there more often!

    • Muddling Along

      You’re right I should – pleasure now but not for all the cushions – I have two that are too beautiful for the children to destroy but the others I will have and I will get pleasure from on a daily basis

      And we are so going to have to use the good china too

  • Definitely use! We have china that we rarely used but have now started using it when friends are over so it isn’t just sitting idle in our cabinets. Others make great points about enjoying what you have.

    • Muddling Along

      We use our good china for dinner parties but don’t have enough of those – perhaps time to keep using it for our Saturday night dinners

  • If it’s convenient to use something then use it. My grandmother kept virtually every Christmas and birthday present in its box for her “dream house” that never came. Life is too short to keep stuff for best once you’ve had it 12 months.

    The only thing I keep for best is our wedding cutlery. It’s only John Lewis own brand but I can’t bear seeing watermarks on it and it’s a pain to polish dry with tea towels!! We use it whenever we have visitors or for Valentines, birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. But I can’t think of anything else we save for “best”.

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