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Dairy free life – chicken nuggets

There were more... I just didn't move fast enough

I love chicken nuggets, I love that you can freeze them and that the girls will happily chomp through them, I love that even the fussiest friends will nibble away on these.  However, I do find that they can be a bit bland so I tend to add in some Cajun seasoning to the breadcrumbs to give it a bit of oomph and so they become spicy goujons for grown up dinner in the evening and then chicken nuggets for chlidren’s tea the next day.  If you’re not into spice you might want to miss this out, or use less than we do.

Chicken breasts
Plain flour
2 eggs
150ml Oat milk
Cajun seasoning
Oil for deep fat frying

Start off by starting the process of warming oil up to deep fry – it needs to get really hot so pop it on the hob now and come back to stir it every few minutes whilst you’re preparing the nuggets.  You don’t have to deep fat fry, you could shallow fry in a frying pan or even bake in the oven but I think they come out crunchier done this way.

Meanwhile cut the chicken breasts into slices about 1cm thick.

Once you’re done set yourself up with a deep bowl with a good couple of handfuls of plain flour, a second deep bowl with a couple of eggs whisked up plus the oat milk and then next to that another deep bowl with the breadcrumbs plus seasoning if you fancy it.

What you’re going to do is toss the chicken in the flour, knock off the excess flour and then dip in the egg and then remove from the egg and toss in the breadcrumbs.

This is going to be fairly messy and I find it best to do the flour with one hand and the egg/breadcrumbs bit with the other to try and minimise mess (and to give me one hand I can grab small children with if they do something nuts whilst I’m doing this).

Once all the chicken is coated, set them on a baking tray and then either pop in the oven for 20 minutes or until golden brown (I use an Aga so they just go in the roasting oven but otherwise I’d cook them at 200 degrees C) or then prepare to deep fry.

The oil is hot enough for frying if you drop a breadcrumb in and it immediately sizzles away and starts to go brown.

Pop in a few nuggets and let them sizzle away for 3 minutes each (or until golden brown), remove onto a plate with some kitchen roll on to absorb surplus fat and keep going in batches until you’ve done them all.

Stand back and watch as they disappear.  As the picture shows, by the time I’d cleaned up the plate I’d set up to photograph had been got at by the local vultures….!

*I make my own breadcrumbs – we always seem to get to the end of the week with a couple of lonely and dry slices of bread left over.  These get put into the oven on low to dry out further and then blitzed in the magimix to make breadcrumbs.  I then store them in bags in the freezer ready for when I need to use them.  You can buy breadcrumbs but these don’t have the extra salt or enumbers in and I know for certain they don’t have any hidden dairy.

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