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Anyone else ignoring Valentines?

Its that time of year again.

In case you’re a hard core romantic, probably best to stop reading now….

Because I really really dislike Valentines.

REALLY dislike it.

Hate the commercialism.

Hate the enforced coupledom.

Hate the restaurants full of couples eating overpriced dinners two by two by two.

Hate the overpriced flowers, the naff cards, the pressure to conform.

I do feel a bit grinch like but to be honest the whole thing has become rather too OTT and just makes me want to poke forks in my eyes.

I like the odd moment with romance but its not satin cards or over priced roses, what I’ve come to realise is that romance is better done 365 days a year and that the best thing to do on the 14th of February is to stay at home, open a nice bottle of wine and enjoy a quiet evening.
And perhaps to recognise that if you’re married to an inveterate unromantic, that there is romance in a new laptop, in a table built so you can be in bed and do things and that perhaps love is in the small things, not the grand gestures made on a date dictated by someone else.

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