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Warning – children are bad for your health


Ouch ouch ouch ouch!


It appears that children really are bad for you.

I’m not talking about the strains and tolls that pregnancy and childbirth take on your body.  Nor the impact of protacted periods of sleep deprivation.

This isn’t even about the plague of winter bugs they’ll bring into your house.  Which, thank you, I seem to be largely managing to avoid this time around thanks to the advice to take Sambucol.  Next thing I’m trying is the hand sanitiser and more hand washing.

But I digress.

Plain and simply, children are bad news.

This morning I went to get Littler out of her cot.

Normal part of everyday life.

But for some reason I leant over too far to pick her up and ouch!  Something went wrong in my back.

I’ve never had any back problems before.  I’ve never realised how utterly debilitating it is to not be able to walk, to sit, to lie or to do anything.

Heat packs, cold packs and a visit to the osteopath later and I can at least move but my goodness it is sore.
The good news is that I’ve managed to give a rather good wrench to a muscle so at least I’ve not done something irreperable.

The bad news is that I’m not supposed to lift anything!  Yes try telling that to my two under three.  And how exactly am I supposed to get them into their cots?  Hire a crane?

I don’t suppose that there is any way I’m going to wake up tomorrow and this will be better?  I tried the mind over matter approach when I broke the bones in my foot and that didn’t seem to work and I have a niggling feeling that it might not now.

Any tips to get this to heal quickly?  Not least because I have a morning of meetings tomorrow and I really don’t fancy having to try and sit through all of that.

Oh and my top tip.  Be careful, children can be bad for your health!

Oh and Mr Muddling, please take note, this is not funny and continuing to think it is may very well be bad for YOUR health.

Photo credit – jonisme

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3 comments to Warning – children are bad for your health

  • @simply_hayley

    Oooo so know the feeling! Popped my back out bathing the lil one the other week, couldnt move for about 24 hours and then over the next 24 it gradually eased up! Am being much more careful now seeing as I’m pregnant and the muscles are weaker!
    Hope the kids understand about you not lifting them so much! Js at the age where he gets it but I did it before when he was younger and it was tough!

  • Not good. I’ve never done it to myself, but know how bad it is from those around me who have. It appears that only time heals it, no secret potion. Regular exercise to strengthen the core muscles apparently is good to prevent it happening again.
    Hope you can move again very soon!

  • I suspect that this might be a little message from your body saying that you are taking on too much and the weight of the responsibilities are getting to you. I had a terribly problem with my back about 6 months ago, but the chiropractor didn’t help. Surprisingly I found reflexology to be brilliant. For a few months I needed a massage and a reflex treatment each month, now I just need reflexology every 6 weeks – but I can totally tell when my body needs it because it starts to feel really hanging! There might even be someone near you who will come to your house and make it easy for you.

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