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How to avoid another winter bug?

This winter seems to have been particularly disease ridden.

I’m not sure if its that I’ve started a new job so am exposed to a whole lot of new bugs.

Or that Bigger has started nursery so has a whole new lot of germs to contend with.

Or that this winter is just singularly populated by coughs and colds.

I did think that cold winter weather was supposed to kill of germs. Doesn’t seem to have happened this year though.

I’ve even tried to limit our possible exposure.

We’ve stopped swimming lessons after realising that Bigger seemed to get another cold two days after her lesson.

I’ve avoided sitting next to the obviously poxed on the train into work.

I’ve even momentarily considered restricting the girls from soft play (so many children, so many bugs, never really quite as clean as I’d like) or at least from not seeing the child who always seems to lick their faces.

Thinking back, I don’t think we’ve been free of a snotty nose in our household since the start of the winter. Either one or both of the girls or me or Mr Muddling seem to be perpetually suffering with something. I should have bought shares in our local chemists or Kleenex.

The girls in particular seem to take every cold, pass it between themselves and make it into something more potent. I guess I’ve managed to breed a pair of biological weapons plants.

I have had a couple of weeks without a runny nose but last night I started with a sore throat.

I don’t want to come down with another lurgy. I really don’t.

What can I do to fight this one off?  

 What are the really good weapons in the fight against the wintery germs?

What should I be taking to make sure that I don’t come down with this?

Is there anything that can be done or do I just have to grin and bear it and hope this isn’t a really fierce bug?

Please help me!
Photo credit – Ana Omlete

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20 comments to How to avoid another winter bug?

  • Vix

    My Mum swears by effervescent eccinachea at the first sign of an oncoming bug, although I suspect only you can take that.

  • Karen

    Cod liver oil – old fashioned but effective, only problem is getting it into them! Some brands don’t taste as bad as others and my 7-yr-old has been known to swallow a capsule.

    • Muddling Along

      Actually just started taking cod liver oil to help with achy joints (am getting old…) – not so worried about them since they have a good diet

  • I personally don’t see the point in keeping them away from anyone or anything. They are building up their immunity and they will get the coughs and colds in the meantime. I took Monkey once about something and the GP told me that they can get up to 8 colds per winter, each lasting about 2 weeks each (or more) – which is a lot of the winter spent getting colds or recovering from them. My mother was forever going on at me because he permanently seemed to have a cough (and managed to cough himself sick several times) but it wasn’t he had a problem, it was just he was a young child. Now, a few years on, he barely gets cold – he’s had two this winter and neither have been bad enough to keep him off school.

    I did take Echinacea one year and it really did help. People say Vit C does help too – but I prefer to get that through a good diet. Luckily, mine eat pretty well and get lots of vits from their food but a multivit is worth a consider if you’re not convinced they are getting enough of everything.

    Good hand washing routines can help prevent spreading germs but not foolproof. For yourself, make sure you get enough sleep – being run down will make anything you catch far far worse.

    • Muddling Along

      I guess I am run down – I think the strain on my body over the last few weeks has built up and short of sleeping for 24 hours I need to add in something

      I think the girls have a good diet so don’t want to supplement them – just need to get nagging our nanny to insist on them eating the fruit I buy

  • Again, only for you, and only for the symptoms, but I swear a healthy dose of sudafed dual relief always nips it in the bud for me!! We’ve survived relatively unscathed this winter – which means a springtime full of colds for us I have no doubt!

  • Ah poor you! Seems like you’re even more scared than I am. At least I still go to soft play and my son still goes swimming. I just accept that September to April is snotty nose time. (While screaming and panicking on the inside, of course.)

    • Muddling Along

      I hasten to add I haven’t stopped them going to soft play or associating with the wierd licking child but I have been VERY tempted

      Part of me says yes let their immune systems develop and another part says please no, I need the sleep and I can’t face being ill myself…

  • Deb@carrotsandkids

    I dose my children up with Sambucal elderberry extract from Boots. Adults can take it too although I haven’t felt the need to. Have you tried Vitamin C and zinc tablets for yourself?

    I would avoid soft play as well (ew!) and be extra fussy about seeing mates with v snotty kids. Bit mean I know but…

    Fingers crossed you’ll all be well soon.

    • Muddling Along

      I’ve just invested in some sambucol and echinacea – I am determined to fight this off!

      Also started taking spatone in case the anaemia is making things worse than it needs to be

      The children are fine, they at least have a decent diet and plenty of fruit and veg

  • Joanne

    We swear by not having the central heating on too much – it makes for stuffy noses and sore throats – (or at least that’s what I tell myself as we live in a draughty house too expensive to heat!)

    • Muddling Along

      Our house is at the bracing end of the scale – goodness knows what would have happened if we heated it properly… at least I tell myself that by being cold we’re protecting ourselves

  • Wash you hands thoroughly before you eat and at all the other usual times and wash your hands as soon as you come into the house. We have found it the single most effective measure to reduce susceptibility to viruses (and we have tried almost everything).

    Hope you all feel better soon!

    • Muddling Along

      Definitely going to give this a go – not least because it has to be good hygiene and not bringing in all the bugs off the train must be a good thing to do

  • I wander about with some of that anti bacterial hand stuff and I have to admit I squirt hands after the supermarket trolley which I think is the font of all disease. I restrict soft play, but its really an excuse for me as I cant stand it! Other than that I dont think there is much you can do, although I have to admit *touch wood* we have been quite lucky this year….
    Good Luck!

    • Muddling Along

      I’m going to have to give into the antibac stuff – we just need to up our game in fighting the bugs.

      Last night was spent with both girls being poorly and no sleep – doesn’t help me fight it off either and is so far from ideal

  • Hi,just discovered your blog. I highly recommend Sambucol. It is expensive but definitely worth it. We have been taking ot for the last 2 winters and works wonders 🙂

  • […] isn’t even about the plague of winter bugs they’ll bring into your house.  Which, thank you, I seem to be largely managing to avoid […]

  • Totally feel where you are – never had a winter like it, seems like it’s pretty permanent for me & little dimples. Good news is hairy hubby and Curly headed boy are avoiding it.

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