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There’s a zillion things I should be doing…

… but instead I am going to go to bed with a hot water bottle

Tonight I have crossed one job off the list – I’ve cleared away the piles of mess in our bedroom.  Better than doing nothing.

I’ve put two girls to bed, then put Bigger into our bed and now she’s asleep I’ve put her back in her bed – parenting fail or pragmatic parenting, I don’t know.

My client still hasn’t sent the file I need to review before tomorrow so I’ll be getting up early to do that.

I’ve done a couple of rows of knitting on the chunky snood that I’ll probably finish just right about when the weather turns warmer!

I’m sure there are many things I should be doing but instead I’m going to take a glass of wine upstairs to bed and curl up with my book for half an hour before turning in.

Tomorrow promises to be a fairly foul day work-wise and I need to muster my strength.

All fingers and toes crossed that both small people sleep well so I can too.

Oh and does anyone have any idea which country my husband is in?  I’ve not spoken to him since he left at 5am and, once again, his assistant is refusing to send me his itinerary so I have no idea where he is….  Maybe in reality he’s a spy or something and he could tell me but then he’d have to kill me?  Maybe he’s like Brad Pitt in Mr & Mrs Smith… <goes off into a daydream>

Night all

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