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That miserable Sunday night vibe

Having a bad attack of the Sunday Nights.

You know, those Sundays where the dread of having to get up and deal with the week tomorrow overshadows the evening completely.

The thought of next week just fills me with dread.

Mr Muddling is leaving tomorrow morning at 5am (please please please can he not wake the small people…) on a trip around Europe (don’t ask me where, his secretary seems to consider his travel plans to be classified information and that I’m the last person who needs to know where he is and when) and won’t be back until Friday sometime.

And a week single parenting isn’t exactly a bunch of laughs at the best of times.

Not least when Littler still does not sleep terribly well.

Although to be balanced she has got through her separation anxiety thing and at least is back to going to sleep on her own, in her cot at bedtime.  Well so long as the bars of the cot are hidden by blankets and she has a nest of soft toys.  But hey, she is going to sleep on her own in her bed!  And for some of the night!  Oh and did I mention she’s back to fiddling when she does sleep with me.  Yes, my daughter, the boob pest… got to love a child  that will only sleep in bed with you and with you (or rather your boobs) within arms reach.

So that bit will be tough and remind me again why I must be grateful that I am not on my own all the time.  Don’t know how others do it all on their own without a break.  Really don’t.

But overlaid over this is that work is going to be terrible this week.
We have another important client meeting which is going to mean far too much to do in far to few hours.  I can already see that I’m going to be rushing around trying to get stuff done and having to work silly silly hours.

Which is not helped by now having to scrabble around and try and find someone to babysit some of those nights because it appears that dependable is not exactly how I’d describe my childcare at the moment.  Grrrrrr.

Oh and did I mention its my birthday on Friday?

Right off for a ‘romantic’ time watching Top Gear with Mr Muddling…   Yes you did hear that, yup, the sound of romance dying in the corner…

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4 comments to That miserable Sunday night vibe

  • I’m all empathy! I’ve got the Sunday night itis too! My work week looks particularly shitty with a full week of wrangling media bods and a company desperate for me to hit a home run! Sigh. Meanwhile they’ve asked me to go full time and I’m terrified that I’ll lose my blogging/writing/consulting (i.e freedom!) House is a pigsty and no one else seems to notice. But in other news what are you doing for your birthday?

  • Let’s hope your worst fears aren’t realised! I haven’t had a week so far this year without at least one of us ill will something… hoping all well next week..

    Early birthday wishes

  • Sorry to hear you’re not having the best of times. Single parenting must be one of the hardest things in the world, and shitty work on top of that is no fun. Hope you manage to do something nice for your birthday at least. x

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