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Diary free life – tarte tartin

Before you read this I need you to make me a promise, just a simple promise, please.

You see, this is a ridiculously easy pudding that people assume takes ages and is all complicated and I don’t really want people to think its as easy as it is so please please please promise me you’ll continue the suggestion that actually this is difficult and challenging and worthy of lots of love and adoration for the cook in question.

I only recently found out that Justrol puff pastry is dairy free despite having several rolls of it in the freezer – I’d just assumed that it must contain dairy because that’s how I’d make it myself.  Only thing is that it doesn’t!  How fabulous is it that pies and pastry dishes are back on our menu plan!  You could mentally insert here the little dance of glee I did when I found this out.  Or perhaps I could vlog it one day.  Possibly.

But anyway, I digress, back to this really wonderful pudding.


2 cooking apples
1 roll of Justrol ready made puff pastry
Soft brown sugar
Pure (or equivalent) dairy free spread
Cinnamon / nutmeg to taste
Frying pan

Peel the cooking apples, quarter, remove the pips and then slice into thick slices.

Lay your frying pan down on the puff pastry and cut around the outside creating a circle of pastry about the same size as the top of your pan.

Turn the frying pan back up the right way and sprinkle knobs of dairy free spread around the base.  Crumble some soft brown sugar over it and then add spices – I find the spices distract from the lack of buttery taste because you’re using dairy free spread and I usually put a good couple of pinches of cinnamon or a couple of grinds of nutmeg in.

Now start to lay the apple slices over the spread/sugar.  Bear in mind any pattern you go for will be the top of the tarte when you serve it.

Finally place the previously cut circle of puff pastry over the apple slices and tuck in the edges.

Place the frying pan on a hot hob and allow it to bubble away for 5 minutes or until you can see that the spread/sugar mix has gone all brown and bubbly (you might want to lift an edge with a knife to check if you’ve been very good at folding down the edges).

Then pop the frying pan in a hot oven (200 degrees C, top of the Aga, whatever the equivalent is for other cookers) for 15-20 minutes until the pastry is nicely brown.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool down a bit and then turn out by putting your plate over the frying pan and flipping it over.  To be fair this last part is the trickiest bit of the whole procedure.

Serve up, in an ideal and dairy filled world with double cream or icecream and in a diary free world with oat cream whisked with some sugar or just on its own.  And then bask in the appreciation of your family!

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