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Mutton dressed up as mummy?

I have a Big Meeting Suit.

Its a suit that makes me feel fabulous, that, so long as I can shoehorn myself into it makes me feel really rather well marvellous and certainly able to cope with the pitchfork wielding awfulness of some of the meetings I have to sit through.

This is a picture of me in the lift at work (yes I am sad thinking about whether to post this whilst rushing around trying to sort out the printed copies of our presentation) and it struck me whilst in the lift that perhaps, there is a point, there is an age, when perhaps you need to step away from the short skirts.

I’m not all that old (honestly) but I am starting to wonder if the downhill slope towards 40 might mean I need to start to modify my behaviour and perhaps stop with the long hair, perhaps step away from the short skirts.

Except I don’t feel middle aged.

I don’t feel that my legs aren’t good enough to wear this skirt.

And whilst it is short it isn’t showing my knickers or anything like that.

But I still feel a bit nervous when I wear it, which is funny because I never used to.  I’m not sure if part of it is the new job where people don’t seem so obsessed about clothes and how they look (which is not necessarily a bad thing but does make me feel a bit visible) or if its the worry that I’m getting a bit old and Mummy-ish to carry this off.

I don’t want to start having to wear trousers with elasticated waists or dresses that help me fade into the background.  I still very much care about how I look and what I wear.  I don’t feel middle aged or even much like a grown up most of the time.
So what do we think – is there an age when we should start to step away from the short skirts?  Am I becomming mutton dressed up as lamb?

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