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Things I have learnt in 2010

That the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but that change isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

That you can survive a high needs baby but co-sleeping helps.

That you can’t get rid of a severe milk protein allergy by just sheer force of will but you can mitigate its impact on your life.

That blogging is a great outlet but I do need to find space to do nothing or even better to keep up with the ever growing mega blanket.

That you can meet all manner of great people, do exciting things and make wonderful friends through blogging.

So another year is nearly over.  As I promised myself when I started the new job, things would look different from the other side of Christmas and they do.  I’ve had a nice few days off with the family and am now falling head first into a frantic couple of weeks at work.

I hope that 2011 for us is a good year, a year without excitement (had far too much of that in 2009) and without much change (had far too much of that in 2010).

Wishing everyone the best for the New Year (and a fun party tonight if that’s your sort of thing).


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