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So did we all survive?


After all the hard work, all the anticipation and the preparation, its all over.

Christmas has been and gone and we’re left now with the consequences of too much food and drink, a pile of torn wrapping paper and more toys than we know what to do with.

Top Muddling moments were Mr Muddling and I curling up on the sofa and falling fast asleep, leaving my brother and his fiancee to amuse the small people – they rose to the challenge but a bit of a parenting fail!

The girls (and me) have been spoilt rotten – time for a toy cull when we get home to make some space for the new ones.

Low points were the annual traffic hell on the M25 shuttling between my parents’ house and MIL’s – beginning to think that there has to be a better option than spending three hours in transit on Boxing Day.

Oh and Mr Muddling didn’t like the presents I bought him but loved the ones from his Mum… We are now the proud owners of a small mountain of model railway bits and he’s already designing a track to go around one of our barns. ¬†Oh joy.

So Happy Christmas everyone – I hope you had a lovely time and are now enjoying a bit of calm after the storm.

Can’t believe I’m back to work day after tomorrow – all feel a bit surreal.


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4 comments to So did we all survive?

  • Hope work tomorrow is not too bad, or frantic. Just been reading through your posts, and will keep my fingers crossed for your flexible working to be able to go ahead.

    • Muddling Along

      Me too – need to get through this frantic part of the project & show I can do work at home and will be responsive to back up my case. We shall see but I have fingers firmly crossed

  • superlittlemen

    I empathsize about sitting on motorways at Christmas, I blogged today about it, or rather for the first time in 11 years, the lack of it and how nice it was. Your bit about Mr Muddling and model railway bits made me both smile and cringe at the same time, we have just got Jude a Hornby trainset (he is only 4 but obssessed with trains), and are teaching him how delicate it is, and god is he proud and careful of it. I can see this might be my future, and his future wife’s future!

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