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Felled by circumstances and the plague

I think I must be cursed when it comes to Christmas and work.  So many Christmases I’ve had work blow up shortly before and this one isn’t any different.
I had thought I was going to be able to take the girls to our office children’s Christmas party but instead I have meetings I have to be at.

I had thought I was going to be able to take Thursday and Friday off and then the period between Christmas and New Year.

Instead I am looking as if I will be working up until Christmas Eve and then having to work between Christmas and New Year to get a presentation ready for 5th January.

Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do.

Unfortunately my planning for Christmas needed me to have a little bit of time this week to wrap presents, to write the final few Christmas cards, to get everyone packed to go away on Thursday.

And it all wasn’t too bad when I was well, even two poorly girls hadn’t interferred too badly.
Except now I seem to have the flu.  I am up and working (just) but I feel utterly awful.  I have just about been able to crawl to the living room and my laptop yesterday – saved from my commute by the trains not running.  How I’m going to manage getting into the office and working tomorrow is a mystery.

And you know what makes it worse?  Every year for the last decade work have paid for me to get the flu jab.  And every year I have avoided flu.  This year my new employer was too tight to pay for a the jab for more than a couple of people and I never managed to find out somewhere else I could get one and so here I am.

I’m momentarily tanked up on cold & flu relief but in a couple of hours I can imagine I’m going to be lying on the office floor, wailing and wanting someone to carry me home.

Can we please defer Christmas until I’m well enough to deal with all it requires on top of all this work?

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