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What constitutes essential travel?

The news is full of the current extreme weather (is it really that extreme?  Surely there are places on the planet that regularly have equally bad weather and just get on with it without going into a tailspin?).

Each news story includes someone from Police or Travel Agencies telling us to only venture out if its essential.
But what counts as essential?

Is it essential to fight my way into the office, travelling over two hours each way, like I did in the last cold snap?  Is travelling to work really necessary when I can work remotely?  Do those meetings which seem important now really stand up to the ‘only if you absolutely must’ test?

Is driving over to the next town to collect deliveries that have got left in the depot essential (and by the way DHL you didn’t leave a card and anyway there was someone here all day, every day last week so please explain how you haven’t managed to deliver the thing anyway)?

Is driving over to my parents for Christmas?

Is driving to the shops?

Is taking Bigger to the doctors essential?

How do you decide?

You see, around here things are snowy and a bit icy but otherwise not too bad.  We have a 4×4 thanks to living down a potholed track so are reasonably well set up to get from A to B.  Once we get down our hill things are ok.

But are they going to stay that way?  Should we risk a trip out and possibly getting stranded or is the likelihood of that actually quite small.

Today there were no trains into London – I’m not sure if this was actually due to real bad weather or just that First Crapital Connect took it is a chance to not deliver a service with any excuse.  Probably the later knowing them.  Tomorrow I probably have to be at work – my client won’t stop having financial difficulties even if I can’t get in there, there are some things that can’t be done from home.  I think I can get in via an alternative route and Mr Muddling will be driving me to the station so we’ll be in the safest car possible.

But yet there is a tiny part of my brain that will worry all day that the weather might worsen, that again London conditions won’t be reflective of how they are where we live and I’ll fret all day that I might not be able to get home.
Does make you question what essential should really look like and that a bit more guidance might be helpful.

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5 comments to What constitutes essential travel?

  • I think its ridiculous all these companies making people go into work in these conditions. Im lucky, I can walk there but some of my colleages were told they have to come in and spend 2 plus hours in the car etc- just to keep my place open. To my mind its irresponsible and puts added pressure on the emergency services when they least need it. In this day and age you would have thought that most jobs could be mostly undertaken remotely, evidently not. Rant, rant, rant.

    So in answer to your question, my feeling is that unless its life or death or you can walk I think its a big NO!

  • it is such a hard question to answer, last year I was six months pregnant when the snow fell and I employed a team of four; if I didn’t get in how could I expect them to but at same point I didn’t want to risk my health or theirs or the babies!

    No solution was really found it is each to their own!

    So no help there whatsoever!

  • This is spot on. I made it in to school for the last lot at the start of December, only to find that less than a third of the students had, and a similar number of teachers. One bus had crashed on the way in (no serious injuries, thankfully) but it was chaos. The press are very quick to have a go at schools for closing, but I think the safest place to be is indoors.

  • IN answer to your question, I have no idea. In fact we’ve given up trying to get home after a weekend away and have decided to start Christmas now. Fortunately I have the presents with me so we can wing the rest.

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