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An early Christmas present. Brilliant!

Whilst I’ve been distracted by work being busier (on the plus side I have a live project, on the negative side it looks as if its going to run right up to Christmas and interfere with my planned break…) and being a misery and not feeling at all festive, people have been nominating blogs for the BMB Brilliance In Blogging Awards. 

I was vaguely aware of it going on and had rushed to get my nominations in, only to discover I was a day late (what can I say, I didn’t put it on the to do list and if its not on the list it doesn’t get done).

And that really was that, until last night a lovely friend sent me a text chatting about Christmas and congratulating me on my nomination. 




And naturally I was on the train, in a tunnel and it took another 15 minutes to get a mobile signal so I could have a little look and see that yes, really I was there.  And not only there but in the outstanding category – I guess for being outstanding at being a misery or a mess but hey, still outstanding! 

You can imagine me standing on my packed commuter train with a big grin and wanting to tap the bloke with the B.O. next to me and wave my iphone infront of him and go ‘hey look smelly man, I’m brilliant I am!’.  But obviously I didn’t.  Wouldn’t want to break the commuter rule about no touching and no talking. 
So thank you whoever you were who nominated me – I’m incredibly touched and incredibly grateful and really rather chuffed.

Thank you to everyone else who put in nominations and put forward the blogs I was going to do myself if only I had been a little less disorganised.

You can vote here for all of the finalists – make sure you go and read all the funny posts.  If like me you’re feeling a bit down, a bit eep about Christmas being only 10 days away (10??????? how????????) these will brighten your day.

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