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Sit around doing nothing & one day your prince will come?

So Prince William has finally got around to proposing to Kate Middleton.

Yes its lovely that they are in love and are going to marry.

And yes, 8 years isn’t all that long to wait really (I can’t talk, my Father mentioned the 7 year whirlwind romance Mr Muddling and I had at our wedding) but still what has she done in those 8 years other than sit around waiting to get married?

Its not exactly the role model for modern womanhood, is it?

Meet an eligible young chap. Move in with him. Leave University. Do a couple of years working for Jigsaw. Then do a bit of work for the family firm. But really do very little except sit there, enjoying the occasional nice holiday, being seen out and about and waiting for him to pop the question….

Yes girls of today the sum total of your ambition should be to find a nice man and then hang around not doing anything waiting to leap at the chance of a proposal.

Don’t go off and find yourself a career to keep you busy whilst you wait (or even, gasp, something that might give you a fall back if he doesn’t). Don’t even engage in some serious charity work if you can’t be seen to undertake paid employment – for heavens sake there are thousands of charities crying out for volunteers and even if you don’t have much in the way of skills, they could still use someone to help with the post, help in a shop or answer the phone.

Oh no, ladies all we need to do it sit around.

And then when he does finally propose, and oh how the press has decided that it was purely his decision to get married as if Katie really did have no more input than to be sat there like an ornament waiting for the question, the media will start to focus with intensity on such weighty questions as what you are wearing, what you will wear and when you’ll have children.

Have we really moved on so little in the last 30 years since Prince Charles proposed to Diana? Its like history repeating itself and horribly demoralising to those of us who had thought that perhaps, women had achieved a touch more equality over the intervening years.

But no ladies, the message is clear – our sole ambition for our daughters should be for them to marry well and to sit around waiting for their prince to come.

I say bah! I say rubbish to all this! I say up with Princess Smartypants and her approach to life and princes and proposals!

And please let it not be true that she really calls him ‘Big Willie’, as reported in some of the press today. Oh my eyes….

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12 comments to Sit around doing nothing & one day your prince will come?

  • Catharine Withenay

    >I think she has – and has had – a thankless task. What I feel most sorry about for her is that she will endlessly be compared with Diana … and the choice of engagement ring won't help that.
    But I agree it's a shame she didn't even do notable charity work – can you imagine how many people would have loved her to be representing them, regardless of her marital status?
    (Kate – if you're interested in supporting Chikumbuso, just let me know!)

  • Metropolitan Mum

    >Hahahaha. Love this post. I absolutely don't get how she could sit there and not work. Btw, she didn't even last a year at Jigsaw…

  • Mother Hen

    >I agree, It would have been nice for her to have started the charity work Before the big announcement.

    Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall though when the actual wedding plans are discussed? Mother M and the Queen Mother? What a whoot!

  • planb

    >To my great surprise, I'm with Catharine. I think Kate was in a complete no-win situation. If she'd started on the charity work, she'd have been criticised for "behaving like a Princess when she isn't one" and playing off nothing more than being someone's girlfriend, and she got such stick and hassle from the papparazzi when she did try to work that she then had to have protection, which of course people criticised her for again.

    Of course, she could have chucked him and gone out with someone with a normal life, but then maybe the poor girl's in love. Or perhaps she's the only woman over 8 who really wants to be a princess.

    I'd have said no when he first tried to snog me of course, but then maybe that's just me.

    Not so sure I want my taxes to pay for a wedding though….

  • London City Mum

    >Bwah ha ha ha ha…

    Actually cannot think of a worse career choice than the 'one' she has made.

    Hey, at least the glossies and The Daily Mail will be happy.
    Guess that's one upside.

    LCM x

  • planb

    >Back again, because just read this: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2010/nov/17/kate-middleton-prince-william-wedding on whether she knows what she's doing…

    Rather depressing really. And just think what she's got to come: worse than your whole family speculating on whether you're pregnant – the whole world….

  • TheMadHouse

    >You know what if I had a family business and the boys could work for me then I would let them. I am with Harriet and Catherine on this, Kate is in a no win situation. I wouldnt want to be in her position not for all the money in the world

  • vegemitevix

    >In my last year at University (1987) I read a book called The Cinderella Complex. I have no idea who it was by, but the main idea was that some women are steered subconsiously (or not!) by a belief that one day the prince will come and rescue them. Of course I wasn't ever going to be like that, and yet as it turned out years later, I was stuck in a horrible dead-end marriage for 17 years because I couldn't believe that I could look after myself and my kids. The best day of my life was when I realised that I could do it and I really didn't need a prince to rescue me. I hope Kate and Wills are in love, but I do agree with you, I wince every time they say Kate is the 'modern woman' – er I think not. I suspect she hasn't read The Cinderella Complex, maybe it should be on my Engagement PRessie list?

  • I'm So Fancy

    >agree with everything but guarantee that to Will and the Royals, being Kate IS her job. Hope she doesn't come to resent it.

  • Anonymous

    >I actually think this post is a bit harsh!
    You have never even met the girl and you really have no idea about what she has been doing in her personal life.
    What you know about Kate Middleton is what you have read in the papers, how the media has portrayed her.
    Give the girl a chance!

  • Thanks a lot for the blog article. Really Great.

  • Lighthouse Posters

    It appears Prince William and Kate Middleton have already begun selling royal wedding souvenirs. Honestly that family gets less regal by the minute – but hey if they can get to be entirely self-financing then at least we commoners won’t have to pay for them.

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