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Why are you not wearing a poppy?

I was really surprised to notice this lunchtime (I popped out for a sudden, unexplained bout of Christmas shopping – no idea what brought it on but hey, I’m two people done!) that there are an awful lot of people on the streets not wearing a poppy.

I don’t know if its that I now work in a different place – in my experience the ladies and gentlemen of the City wear poppies, in fact not wearing a poppy is a matter of comment – or that somehow people have got out of the habit of wearing them?

Is it that people disagree with war?

With a particular war?

Or that they think they symbolise long done wars that don’t have any relevance for our generation?

I may not support war, but I wear my poppy with pride.

I wear it out of respect to those who fought, were wounded, who died in the two World Wars, including my husband’s biological Grandad who died at the start of the liberation of Europe. For those who have fought in conflicts since then.

I wear it out of respect for those servicemen and women who are currently serving in our armed forces, those who have been injured, who have died serving our country.

I wear it in remembrance of the cost paid by their families.

I wear it hoping that my children, my husband, my brother won’t have to experience a war and with thanks that the effort others have made hopefully means that they won’t have to.

So why aren’t you wearing a poppy?

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15 comments to Why are you not wearing a poppy?

  • Anonymous

    >I have one but invariably I grab a coat that doesn't have it on for example. I had a brooch but it got stolen – will be buying another brooch for next year

  • Rose

    >I'm actually not wearing mine today but it's purely because it fell off last night and I forgot to put it back on.

    I would say I've seen far less sellers this year. If I'd seen any this morning I would have bought one. I pretty much normally have to pay one every few days and that doesn't seem to be an issue but this year I have only seen sellers at tube stations and then only on 2 days last week.

    I will definitely be wearing mine with pride tomorrow. Of course it's about all soldiers but to me it is always particularly about the soldiers who fought in the two world wars and I of course am very happy to honour them.

    I have heard the argument thay they fought for our freedom and that freedom includes being free not to wear a poppy, which is quite right of course, but I always wear mine with absolute pride.

  • TheMadHouse

    >I have made ones out of felt for the boys after they both lost 2 that they bought last week – they are not really suitable for them with the pins and that is also what happens with me. MadDad has one on his suit and has every year I have known him. (oh and I did donate some more money even though I made them) pics on Sunday

  • podgypixiejo

    >I haven't seen any sellers here at all this year 🙁 though my hubby has donated money to a seller and not taken a poppy after my biggest girl tried to eat last years….

  • Emma

    >Great post! I wear one and wear it with pride! Have done since I was a little girl and they used to come round our class to sell them to us! 🙂

  • Working Mum

    >In my experience, the paper and plastic ones fall off and I lose them. However, this year I have got a lovely enamel pin one which I can't lose!

  • Cass@TheDiaryofaFrugalFamily

    >You wear one for all the right reasons….

    I haven't seen many sellers about this year though, I wonder why that it?

  • Victoria

    >I buy one, but I don't wear it as it falls off, without fail, within about 10 mins. It drives me insane and its easier just not to bother!! I keep meaning to buy a pin to wear and donate money each year instead.

  • Domestic Goddesque

    >I have several because every time I see an old man sellng them, I feel obliged to buy one for all of the reasons you mentioned. It's easy for me to sacrifice a few pence to recognise how much more other's have sacrificed.

  • Becky

    >I was waiting until nearer the day as I always lose mine. Have now realised that I haven't got one 🙁

    I did do a blogpost about rememberance day though..

  • Livi

    >I actually don't have an excuse. I always used to wear one, I'd buy all my family one when they came round in school. But since I've left I just don't seem to see people selling them. I do respect the silence for them though.

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Really interesting comments – I thought there were more sellers around, at my train station there have been two or three (often uniformed) people selling each morning and evening plus people out in town at the weekend

    Wonder if they are focusing on some areas and not others?

  • Metropolitan Mum

    >I haven't seen a single seller!! Of course, I don't take the tube anymore, but I was strolling down Upper Street and Shaftesbury Avenue today – nothing.
    I don't wear one because remembrance day only was introduced to me a few years ago when I moved to London. And although I know it is not supposed to say 'I am pro-war', to my it feels a bit like this. Finally, are foreigners ok to wear them at all?

  • Noble Savage

    >I don't wear a poppy. There are a few reasons but the main one is that I'm a pacifist and don't agree with ANY wars. That means I don't think it's right that people sign up to fight in them. That doesn't mean I have no respect for military families or those who have fought and died in wars, just that I don't agree with the entire premise of what we are 'remembering'.

    I don't think it's particularly admirable to volunteer to fight questionable wars with questionable means for questionable reasons, that only result in death and destruction. Yes, I realise that some wars have been 'good' things insofar as they stopped someone else from being even worse, and that we will likely always have war, but I don't have to support it.

    Secondly, I'm just not a big fan of reserving one day to make a big fuss over something but not doing diddly squat about it the rest of the year. Wearing a little flower on my lapel does not make me a better or worse person, or more or less supportive of the troops. For the same reason, I don't wear American flag paraphernalia. I don't have to prove my ideals with a bloody pin.

  • Mummysquared

    >This is such an interesting thread – just found your blog – thanks I LOVE it.

    I don't wear a poppy because I am a pacifist and I don't think I should support the people that our government chooses to send into battle – if they choose to do them, they should support them financially.

    I was told off by my last head teacher for not wearing one last November. Surely I have the choice? Anyway, I was massively preggers at the time and I think I said something along the lines of – Look mate, I have morning sickness, acidosis and a bd back, just be glad I'm here, poppy or not!!

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