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Now you see me, now you don’t

I’m not here today, instead I’m off guest posting over at Aly’s place – plus2point4 talking about how it was the smallest thing that lead me to look into how it might be possible to return to work and carry on breastfeeding. Basically a chance encounter has led to my three year relationship with my breastpump and a blog which comes rather too far up the google pages if you type in pumping boobs (go on, have a look!)

Head right over there now and have a peak at what I’ve said and what other guest posters have to say – its a great read.

You should also consider following Aly, she’s a lovely who’s a breastfeeding peer supporter, a mum to three and a keen crafter – have a look at her lovely blog and see how nice she is. She’s also on twitter if you fancy a bit more of a real time chat.

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