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So little time

Firstly I’d like to apologise for not really being around much – there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  The list of things I must / should / need to do is far too long.  I should probably have lists of lists.  Starting to feel incredibly weighed down with the things that I haven’t done.

And yet in the evenings I just want to collapse on the sofa and do nothing.

My brain is totally stuffed full.

I’m exhausted.  Wiped out.

And then there’s the terrifying thought that Christmas is rushing headlong towards me and I am not ready in the slightest.  My tentative plans, ideas have all got to be thrown out after a family idea to go for a nominal value for presents.  If I had more time I could make things, think about something clever, special, meaningful.  Instead I think my head might explode with the extra pressure its bringing.  I guess at least I can use my ideas for birthdays if I don’t lose my list.

But there are small glimmers of hope.

Yesterday I was a work conference all day.  People were pleased to see me, to catch up with me, I enjoyed the experience.

Countered though with the possibility of missing bedtime because of work for four nights next week as work tries to carve even more of my life away from the family.

Confused by Littlest possibly self-weaning, possibly having a nursing strike, definitely biting far too much and the need to now get back to see our consultant and see what our options are.

My brain is like tangled spaghetti.

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