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Blogging? Its what most people call a hobby

Its been another popcorn week in the blogging world – you know the ones where you sit on the sidelines, chomping on a bucket of popcorn whilst enjoying watching all the action and taking bets on what might happen next or even googling to find out what exactly does constitute slander / libel in the online world (ok that might just be me).

You see, blogging isn’t really a life or death thing. It probably isn’t going to change the world or even most of our lives.

Blogging is something we do in our free time.

You know what that makes it?

A hobby.

Like golf or cross-stitch or knitting.

Yes there are some fun perks. Yes we might make a bit of pin money if we’re lucky. Yes we might make some great friends.

But the bottom line is that it is an add-on to our lives not a major constituent part.

And for some of us, those with family commitments, with real lives, with real friends, with real jobs, it very much is a hobby. Something we do as long as we like it. Something we do because we enjoy it. Something we turn off and go and find a glass of red wine and a natter with someone in the real world when it all gets a bit tedious and fighty.

I guess what I’ve enjoyed most out of the shenanigans of the last week is the complete lack of proportion of some of the antagonists – especially when you think of it as golf for the technologically savvy.

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12 comments to Blogging? Its what most people call a hobby

  • London City Mum

    >Alternatively you can just deck yourself out in a silly t-shirt and stalk the nightclubs in Reading.

    Far more entertaining. And real.

    LCM x

  • susie @newdaynewlesson

    >I am wondering if the ones who get really upset are ones who want to do blogging as more than just a hobby?? Something to think about

  • Mediocre Mum

    >It's all too funny! I'm off to buy a new hot air popcorn popper for the next round! Alternatively, we could throw them all in a ring with giant foam boxing gloves!!!

  • shit mummy

    >I hope you're not implying anything defamatory, or I may have to sue you. Hahahaha! xxx

  • Mwa

    >What shenanigans? Why do I always miss these things? I may as well log off if I keep missing everything.

  • Preseli Mags

    >I've missed the shenanigans too. And here I am with my popcorn all ready. *sigh*

  • rosiescribble

    >Very good post. For me it is a hobby but Susie's comment has got me thinking. In my case as I'm a single parent blogging is possibly a little more than that to me because it's my way of connecting with others, because there is just me here in the evenings. So when it all seems negative and depressing, I lose that.

  • scribblingmum

    >I think I'm like you, I enjoy doing it because I do, not for any other reason and it needs to be balanced else you'd turn bonkers. But it certainly seems to take over with some people, I just don't understand how people have so much time on their hands!?

    When it's good it can be hugely supportive for people, but when it's bad and upsets people well then it's just not on and they should give themselves a shake and go out and get some fresh air.

  • Sarah, Maison Cupcake

    >Darn I keep hearing about blog shenanigans and I've missed it all again. I blame Twitter which has refused to show me anyone else's tweets for 10 days rendering itself pointless.

    I even have a bag of salted popcorn in my kitchen!

  • Babies who brunch

    >I've now read far too many references to something I know nothing about! Tantalising. Yet probably for the best….

  • Heather

    >I lurve you. That's all I wanted to say.

  • Michelle Twin Mum

    >Interesting post. I nevr thought of it in that way! Golf for the tech savvy… love it.

    Mich x

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