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Strictly falling for Ann Widdecombe

Once again, reluctantly, I’ve found myself getting hooked on Strictly Come Dancing.

I could blame Big who has a fondness for dancing and is usually insistent that she is correctly outfitted to do so in a spangly tutu (thank you mother in law for adding the tutu into our lives…). She’s a big fan of the show and letting her watch a bit has at least broken Curious George’s stranglehold on bedtime television. That said, she’s not keen on the results show, not enough dancing – exactly my feeling too.

Impressively this year the BBC have managed to pull together a line up where I know the majority of the contestants despite the fact I’ve sort of fallen out the habit of watching much television or reading gossip magazines. Knowing who the people are does draw you in rather more than when its a group of ‘who are theys’.

My initial reaction on hearing that Ann Widdecombe was joining this series was a predictable eye roll and assumption that she was being brought in to fill the role of a female John Sargeant – slightly older, slightly over weight, trying but not really being able to dance. Oh how we laughed… the first time and how unlikely it was to be funny the second time around.

And yet I find myself warming to her, yes backed up by admiration for her skills as a parliamentarian but also by her refusal to be daunted by the comments of the judges, her game approach to giving it a good go, her insistence on dresses that cover up and dances that don’t involve psudeo-sexy writhing about.

Even better is that she appears to be the sole participant in this show that actually realises what it is – that its a TV show and not a matter of life or death. At last, someone prepared to say “hang on, it’s not a world war. Everything I did in politics affected somebody. This isn’t going to affect a soul. I can do no harm at all. If I end up in a heap, there are no constituents to let down.”

Thank you Ann for saying what has long needed to be said, that this is fun, but not exactly life threatening.

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7 comments to Strictly falling for Ann Widdecombe

  • Tawny

    >YES YES YES you are so right! I love her and I think she is brilliant. I too agree about knowing most of the contestants, it seems to have a touch more substance this time.

    Long may she reign on Strictly!

  • JulieB

    >We're – erm – strictly a Strictly household (none of that X Factor nonsense for us, oh no!). I was worried after last year that it was starting to lose it's grip, but was overjoyed to discover that I had actually heard of the majority of this year's contestants. It's fab, and I never thought I would ever warm to Ann Widdecombe. Ever.

    (Oh, and my 3yo adores it too – takes it VERY seriously and insists on copying every move with a dance partner.)

  • Domestic Goddesque

    >I've yet to watch Strictly this year, though PD is a fan of tutus and dancing. Nevertheless you make an excellent case for Ann….

  • Becky

    >I have to dance my kids around the room to Strictly!

    Loving Ann too, glad Paul went, but hope she gets a chance as she is giving it a good try

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