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Doesn’t time fly! Our baby is a year old today!

I should probably have a wonderfully touching, considered post to mark today but I haven’t.

Instead I’ve enjoyed a wonderful weekend with the family.

We had a wonderful family party yesterday – both girls in their party frocks, both playing together and the Littlest One decided to show off by pushing a chair around the living room whilst walking behind it!

We’ve spent a whole weekend together as a family for the first time in ages – it was lovely and much needed.

Today I stole a day off from work and spent it with the girls and we had lots of fun (well apart from the yoghurt throwing incident…).

There is a considered post at some point but my head is so full of things I’m trying to understand.

Most important though is a year ago, at 6.45am, our little girl arrived in an awful hurry after a whole 45 minutes of labour (although perhaps 20+ weeks if you count her previous attempts).  A determined little thing from the outset, not least for having fought her way through the pregnancy.  Named for the other very determined lady in our family, my Gran.

Its been a hard year, she’s been very hard work at times (as has her sister…) but I wouldn’t go back and change it!

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