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Inadequate, pimpled and single? I think not

Andrew Marr [http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2010/oct/11/andrew-marr-bloggers] obviously doesn’t read the right type of blog, does he?

Talking at the Cheltenham Literary Festival he dismissed bloggers as “inadequate, pimpled and single” and waved away our writing as the “spewings and rantings of very drunk people late at night”.

Obviously he isn’t reading the right sort of blog, obviously he hasn’t read the sort of thing that is written by real people who are totally adequate and rather eloquent.

Surely he is continuing to miss the point about blogs and bloggers.

Yes, technology is generally thought to be the concern of the adolescent, of the socially inadequate and the reclusive but what people don’t seem to readily recognise is that there are other hotspots of technological take up.

If you ask people about Twitter, generally they assume that its full of teenagers but have a look and you will find that there are an awful lot of women on there, middle aged, technologically savvy women using Twitter as their virtual coffee shop and enabling them to reach out and make connections in a virtual world in a time and a place that suits them.

Bloggers are generally thought to be angry young men sitting in the dark ranting about some conspiracy theory but you’d be wrong again. In fact there are thousands of normal people blogging as a way of chronicling their life, sharing experiences or honing their writing skills.

Admittedly the majority of us will not get a book deal or sell movie rights but many of us enjoy the act of writing and the attempt to craft something that is engaging, articulate and worth a read.

Why do I blog? Because I enjoy it – I enjoy writing, I enjoy setting out my thoughts on a page and I love that fact that what was initially a monologue has become a conversation with a bunch of rather nice people. And not one of them is inadequate in any way.

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8 comments to Inadequate, pimpled and single? I think not

  • Emma

    >That was exactly my first thoughts upon seeing that – he just doesnt read the right type of blog does he! I love reading blogs and just the mummy ones , I like the celeb ones (mainly because they're always slagging the celebs off!) , news ones , cooking ones.. the list could go on! He just needs to open his eyes more!!

  • Very Bored in Catalunya

    >Andrew Mar – pah! Never liked him anyway, he's got an odd shaped head.

    Off to go and squeeze some spots!

  • vegemitevix

    >Erm, who the hell is Andrew Marr? Never heard of him.

  • London City Mum

    >Shame. I liked Andrew Marr and had a good amount of respect for him and his political commentary.

    Guess you have take it out on someone when you have ears like his though.

    LCM x

  • Mum In Awe

    >I love blogging! Where else can I get things off my chest, post my recipes, ask opinions and make online friends? It's much more than a political platform or a marketing exercise like Andrew Marr probably thinks it is, for some people it's a great connection and resource!

  • Anonymous

    >Why don't you send him your blog and enlighten him?

  • cartside

    >Who's Andrew Marr? Ok, vegemitevix was first…

  • marketingtomilk

    >exactly that. lovely post.
    And andrew marr is clearly past it.


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