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Feels like a full day worked before 9am


Sometimes it can seem like you have worked a full day before you even arrive in the office.

Today was one of those days.

Helpfully my two little alarm clocks decided to sock it me by waking up at 5am and then carefully falling back to sleep just in time for us all to be out for the count still at 7am.

So we then have the frantic rush to feed the littlest one whilst the big one is demanding cuddles and objecting to the fact I dare to use one arm to keep her sister more or less attached and to avoid the risk of her using her new (and very sharp) teeth on a tender part.

Then its a case of grabbing one in each arm and locking them in the bathroom with me – big one on the loo, little one trying to open the shower door whilst I play peekaboo around the steam shadows as simultaneously wash my hair.

Nappy back onto the big one (yes I’m a wimp and I know her morning habits a bit too well to risk pants before breakfast) which leaves the little one with a chance to push the bathroom door shut and to wedge herself on the far side of it. And then to realise what she’s done and to have an attack of the screaming abdabs that Mummy is not locked in the room with her.

Did I mention that this is all done to a backdrop of the big one moaning ‘I want a cuddle with Mummy, I want a cuddle with Daddy’?

Did I mention Daddy is having a slap up breakfast at a hotel in London? Did I mention Daddy is not back until late on Saturday night?

But anyway on with the morning challenge. Both grabbed and back to my bedroom and an attempt to dry hair despite someone having appropriated my hairbrush and to get dressed into something that covers off the various meetings I have during the day. In fact scrap the first outfit, I need something smarter because I’ve a pitch meeting last thing.

Meanwhile whilst trying to put on tights I have to wrestle the little one away from the poker and tongs and try and persuade the big one that actually I don’t have any episodes of Curious George on my iphone, that’s what Daddy does.

Cue another chorus of ‘I want a cuddle with Daddy’ and a clenched teeth reiteration of ‘but darling Daddy is not here… Mummy will give you a cuddle and Daddy loves you very much’.

So one under each arm we stagger downstairs. Settle both down on the floor whilst I unlock the back door.

Where is our nanny? I’ve an 8.30 meeting and its already 7.30.

Realise I haven’t shut the door to the hallway, retrieve the littlest one from the bottom of the stairs, remove her sleeping bag, pop her in the high chair.

Big one is writhing about on the floor so administer cuddles whilst trying to locate heels, flats and my blackberry. Car keys, don’t forget car keys.

7.35, come on nanny, I need to leave.

Locate coat whilst wiping toddler’s snotty nose and trying to get porridge ready for both.

7.40. Where is my childcare????

7.42 hurray nanny has arrived, rapidly explain what is going on, hand over big one and request plenty of cuddles for her. Explain that I’m possibly going to be 10 minutes late unless my last meeting finishes exactly when its supposed to.

Sprint to car. Throw in handbag, leap in. Off down road.

Arrive at train station, grab belongings, run for train. Get on train, get seat!

Train sits in tunnel for 5 minutes right outside destination.

8.27 get off train and run towards office.

Into lift, swap over shoes, drag off coat.

8.35 into meeting room, apologise for being 5 minutes late, grab papers, try and look intelligent.

Look down.

Notice large smear of snot all over shoulder of dress.


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9 comments to Feels like a full day worked before 9am

  • London City Mum

    >At least you could see it, unlike baby sick down your back *ahem*

    LCM x

  • Hot Cross Mum

    >Yep. I get this – totally. I remember those manic work mornings very well and they are no less manic now I'm trying to get people off to actual school and they fail to understand why they can't just endlessly play trains. Aarrrggghhhhhh.

  • Titch

    >Yup, ringing lots of bells that is. I sometimes wonder what the results would be if we were to wear a blood pressure monitor for a day. The biggest spikes would be child-related not work-related, I'm sure.

  • Rachael

    >I am speechless with horror. And feeling very sympathetic towards K. I may be slightly less grumpy tonight when he gets home. You are a supergirl, you know that, don't you?

  • Claire, Cheshire Mum

    >You are a legend, I salute you! Cx


    >Uh! This sounds horrendous m'dear. Morning's can be really bloody awful.

    She says at 05:20am with an awake child who is running cars all over her body.


    Becca x

  • scribblingmum

    >Sounds like mine some mornings, all so rushed isn't it. I feel like I'm force-feeding my kids their cereal in the morning, makes me feel horrible that it's so frantic.

    But, what can you do?! Just try and make the most of it I guess. Oh, and wear grey rather than black, I find it hides sick/snot better.

  • vegemitevix

    >I remember these days. I remember getting up breastfeeding baby then expressing milk (yes I was a cow) for nanny to give to baby. Getting dressed driving into town to lead a breakfast meeting, then get home just in time to relieve nanny and have baby thrust into my arms, screaming for a feed. I also remember leaving him at daycare whilst I went to a pitch meeting in town. He held his breath in anger and turned blue,and I ended up crying all the way to my meeting. Happy days. I agree with LCM baby sick is worse though, it stinks and no amount of Versace parfum hides it! You know I think you're fab! xx

  • Mum In Awe

    >Yes, I remember those days – odd coloured socks, once my shoes didn't match, and the worst was being told one day by a woman in the office that I was the 'fahion disaster' of the office ! That was really embarrassing! Somehow I still got a really good job done, despite my wardrobe disfunctions…..funny that hey? We working Mums still make it happen. Well done to you!

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