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Didn’t have time to sign the birth certificate, Ed?



Because you see this really doesn’t sound quite right to me?

You see, Mr Muddling insisted on coming to the Registry Office for the whole 10 minutes it took to register each of our girls and because we’re married he didn’t have to but it took 10 minutes.

He was determined to affirm that this was his child as much as it was mine and to make sure that he was named as father.

That there wasn’t a blank box on the birth certificate or I gave them a stupid middle name*.

And a quick check with a friend who wasn’t married at the time they registered their baby confirms that it doesn’t take any longer if you’re not married and both of you are there – same information, just needs two signatures not just one.

So why has Ed Milliband not put his name on his child’s birth certificate?

Is it some post feminist statement by his partner?  Is it a lack of commitment on his part?

Either way could he just man up and say what exactly it is.

Because let’s be frank, its not about not having had the time in the last 18 months to do the paperwork.

Or actually if he really didn’t have the time to do that paperwork and to say this is my child then is he really the sort of person we want as a role model?  And what on earth does that actually say to his child? Um darling I love you but not enough to spend 10 minutes in a Registry Office signing a bit of paper.  Could you not play with my important papers because Daddy is too busy doing political stuff to be involved?

Yes, becoming Labour leader means increased scrutiny but surely it also allows us to challenge you on choices like these?

*its a family thing – Mr Muddling has one of those…. sigh

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7 comments to Didn’t have time to sign the birth certificate, Ed?


    >It's bloody ridiculous isn't it. We were in and out of the registry office in a flash. Prat that he is. Honestly.

    What sort of example is that setting? You're absolutely right!

    Becca x

  • PantsWithNames

    >Must catch up on the news, I hadn't registered this story.

    As an aside, I have a very good friend whose Dad went to register her birth. He got to the front of the queue and decided he didn't like the name they had chosen so picked something else instead, wrote it on the birth certificate and then went home to face the wrath of his wife. My friend, now called Caroline, is ever grateful as her mum had wanted to call her Araminta…

  • Mom-on-a-Wire

    >Brilliant post making a very good point!
    Doesn't say much for Labours values!

  • Noble Savage

    >While I do think it seems a bit lazy or odd to not have signed the birth certificate, I am very wary of judging someone's suitability for a job based on their personal life. I don't care what politicians do in their personal lives, so long as they are not trying to legislate against something they do or are themselves (such as in the cases of pols who decry prostitution but visit prostitutes or condemn homosexuality but are discovered to have been sleeping with men, etc..). I really can't get worked up over this one.

  • Noble Savage

    >P.S. – My husband didn't come with me to register either child and I didn't think him less of a father for not doing so.

  • JulieB

    >I hadn't registered this story either. Very odd.

  • cartside

    >The story was news to me (admittedly not following news an awful lot at the moment) but I have to say that I don't see how this would affect his suitability for the job. I think you can find odd things in every person's biography. What matters will show itself in the future, if he's a good leader, if his policies are right and what his integrity as a politician will be.

    Incidentally, legislation in relation to child registration is very excluding of fathers (at least in Scotland, not sure if it's the same in England) another sign that society doesn't value fatherhood (while putting the full burden of parenting onto the mother). It's appallingly easy to not register the father on a birth certificate in general, thus taking both rights and responsibilities from the father.

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