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What is the problem with me carrying on breastfeeding?

Everyone has to have an opinion, don’t they?  Trouble is that some people don’t consider if they should actually be voicing an opinion before wading right in.

As you may know, the littlest one has a severe milk protein allergy.  As a result she is on a strict dairy free diet (yes that includes no yoghurt and no formula as well as the usual more obvious things with diary in, like moon biscuits…) – we’re managing quite well on the whole weaning process and I particularly pleased that we have managed to reduce her down to breastfeeding only first thing in the morning and last thing at night (actually not totally true, its basically no nursing when I’m not there and a free for all when I am).  But in short, we’ve managed to get her to a place where I don’t have to pump during the working day anymore – you have no idea how much of a difference this has made to my life.

Actually when I say I don’t nurse during the day its more that she doesn’t get a bottle of milk whilst I’m at work – instead she has a beaker of oat milk or some water and a snack – we’ve found other ways to keep her calorie intake up (and other ways to keep her calcium levels as high as possible, mostly helped by calcium enriched oat milk and finding calcium rich foods)

We’re obviously doing something right because despite everything that she can’t eat (and believe me its only once you start checking every label of everything that you discover how much milk proteins are in seemingly dairy free food) she’s turning into a chubby little monster.

But I digress.

The main thing is that at nearly a year we are still going strong on the breastfeeding front and there is no suggestion that we are going to stop any time soon.

Not that that is anyone’s business.

But since I am fairly open about our issues with milk – I find I have to be to try and prevent her accidentally being given some chocolate or a biscuit or whatever that could trigger a bad reaction – I find that it does tend to lead into a discussion about me continuing to nurse.

The bottom line is that we hope she’ll grow out of it by the time she’s five.

And yes until recently I did anticipate that I might have to nurse until we can swap her over onto something else for her milk needs.  You can imagine my relief when I found out that I can probably switch her onto calcium and vitamin enriched oat milk for an evening bottles between 18 months and two years – there is an end in sight!

BUT I am committed to continue to nurse my child until the point at which she doesn’t need it any more.

And certainly past a point where the consequence of me stopping nursing will be her ending up in hospital on a feeding tube.

What I am doing is the best for her –

It has nothing to do with my needs and trust me when you have a child with a suck like a Dyson its not exactly something I enjoy.

Nothing to do with me being a weirdy earth mother – can you be an earth mother and still wear designer heels?

Has nothing to do with Little Britain or the word ‘bitty’ – this was a particularly unpleasant moment with a colleague, a father, in fact I’m still repulsed by the fact that he thought you could say this to any other person in a conversation about nursing – URGH.

It just is and whilst it might not be quite what I wanted its not up for discussion.

And yet the number of people who tell me I won’t continue to nurse past one year (when I had to give up with Big after I ended up in hospital on a drip with hyperemesis and couldn’t carry on) just keeps rising.

I know its normal in a world where bottle feeding has become the norm but the World Health Organisation recommends nursing until age two OR when the child self weans.

So you know what everyone, you can take your opinions, your disgusting comments and your attitudes and go shove them.

Me, I’m going to continue nursing my happy, healthy baby rather than literally poisoning her – I’m doing what I have to support me or shut up.


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21 comments to What is the problem with me carrying on breastfeeding?

  • TheMadHouse

    >There is nothing wrong with you breast feeding. You are a mother, you will always do what is best for your child, there is nothing wrong with that at all. People will always judge, they have nothing better to do. Hats off to you.

  • Rachael (Tales from the Village)

    >I fed all of mine until they self-weaned between 18 months and 2 years. I too got all the comments about stopping, but I'm glad we didn't. You're doing the best thing for your little chick, and no, breastfeeding and designer heels aren't mutually exclusive!

  • It's a Mummys Life

    >Blimey i can't believe you have had such insensitive comments, well actually i can , because people can be bloody awful at times. Do what you need and want to do and sod anyone else. x

  • Bumbling

    >I support you!

    And I'd support you even if she didn't have a milk allergy. I do think there comes a time when it becomes more about want than need, on both sides, but I still won't interfere in other people's choices, and that's a long way from where you are now. Like, at 13 it is possibly unnecessary 🙂 ( Tongue firmly in cheek) x

  • Very Bored in Catalunya

    >I had a good friend write a guest post for me on pretty much the same subject, whilst her daughter doesn't have allergy issues she is still b/f at 2. Check it out.


  • Noble Savage

    >My son turned 2 last week and nurses 2-3 times a day. He's happy, I'm happy, we're all happy…except the people who are not happy to keep their (ill-informed) opinions to themselves. Luckily, I rarely encounter bad attitudes about it in my day-to-day life, probably because my son rarely needs to nurse when we're in public any more. I do get the odd shocked, raised eyebrow and 'STILL?!' though from acquaintances and friends.

    Just ignore them. The pressure to give up breastfeeding at one year is nearly as strong as the pressure to give up in the first few weeks.
    Forget about the naysayers and know that you are doing what's right for your child and yourself. I most assuredly support you!

  • This Mid 30s Life

    >Good for you. For the life of me, I cannot see why breastfeeding is such an emotive issue – a baby has to eat!

    I was once about to feed my son in my in-laws lounge room, and was actually asked to move to a bedroom. Astounding that some otherwise normal people think like that.

    Don't you find those most keen to dispense their misguided opinions have never had a baby?

  • drop4three

    >Who knows best? Mum or some other all-knowing (or all-thinking-they-do) do-gooder.

    You know what's best for your child, and who else knows the hardship of allergies and the massive problems these cause.

    You carry on, you're doing what's right. Don't let any idiot and their comments sway you.

  • Claire @ Cheshire Mum

    >Well done you for keeping it going and back to work too. You have my absolute support I bow and applaude you – your boobs, your baby, your choice! Cx

  • Becky

    >After a horrible start with DD (she drew blood from my nipples!!) I was breastfeeding until she was 16 months. I only stopped night feeds then because I was having an operation and so had to.

    My son decided to stop sooner but that was led by him. It's such a fabulous bond breastfeeding I don't blame anyone for carrying on beyond the "norm"

  • Alethea Hill

    >I think you are verging on superhero status by doing this, especially since it's for health reasons for your little girl.

    I would have loved to breast feed my son but was not able to. Had I been I would have carried on till he didn't want to anymore.

  • Emily O

    >You have my respect. I did 6 months with each child (had to make it equal) and to be honest 6 months for me was enough. I felt I'd done my bit and didn't want to carry on any more. That was my choice and I completely respect yours. It's great she's doing so well as the allergy issue must be a big headache. You go girl. People who have a problem with it really have a problem with themselves.


    >Good for you. I breastfed for 24 months exactly and I often got that horrible feeling that people were judging me.

    It's not on. You decide. It's your baby, your boobs, your choice.

    Go get um girl! x

  • Laura

    >I am a big supporter of extended breastfeeding (eldest fed till almost 3 , middle to 20 months and son at 2 still feeds alot).
    BUT i do try and understand how people feel about extended breastfeeding as i was once against it . Pre kids (even while pregnant first time) i did not get it , surely it was not needed ? Why would a one year old need milk ? I really thought there was something wrong with it.
    Then i had children and realised it was nothing like i thought , it was not as if i woke up one day and demanded my toddler latched on.

    I think people just don't understand and ignorance leads to rudeness

  • cartside

    >I've just had someone suggest to supplement at 10 days (it would be time to do so). Same person who continuously questioned my "extended" breastfeeding with Cubling (I stopped at 23 months, gently because she would have liked to continue). I'm getting a very deaf ear to such comments!

  • Whimsical Wife

    >You breastfeed for as long as you feel is right lovely – don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

  • Whimsical Wife

    >You breastfeed for as long as you feel is right lovely – don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

  • Luschka @Diary of a First Child

    >Well done on breastfeeding so long. I must admit it is something that has been on my mind a lot lately as Kyra hurtles towards the 1 year mark. Especially because where i'm from breastfeeding is seen as something you do when you can't afford to bottle feed.

    I've often thought that I will continue to express milk for her for a while to make sure she has the benefit for as long as possible.

    Thank you for being strong – it makes it easier knowing we're not alone.

  • marketingtomilk

    >"support me or shut up".
    hear hear


  • Babies who brunch

    >Good. For. You.

    Mine, at two-plus, would still be b/f obsessed if I let him. But I've been weaning him since he was about 12 months. Well, trying to. Hasn't exactly been raging success. What I hate though is not the b/f toddler, but society's reaction. Which, if I'm shallowly honest, is what has stopped me from just letting him b/f as long as he liked. (Well, that and the crappy sleep that seems to go with nursing.)

    But I digress. Good. For. You.

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