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MAD, fab & dangerous to know

If you have been living in a cave without internet access you probably don’t know that it was the MADs Awards on Monday night celebrating the best of UK parenting blogging.

I was lucky enough that my lovely readers had voted for me and made me a finalist in the best baby blog category – chuffed just didn’t doesn’t describe how I feel about this. Thank you so much.

Butlins generously sponsored the event and hosted it at their smartly refurbished resort in Bognor Regis. Now it had never occurred to me to go to Butlins (or Bognor actually) but this was a great opportunity to have a great evening enjoying the blogsphere and the people in it. Bognor isn’t that hard to get to – only a couple of hours on what seemed to be the slowest train ever from London so I was able to sneak off from work a little early and still be there in time for the festivities (even if getting ready meant poor Karin had to deal with me having to pump… sorry about that Karin).

It was a really fun night – a convinvial dinner, the awards were lots of fun even if Redcoat Gary (yes they still wear proper red blazers!) seemed to be about 12 (and more than a little bit scared of Vicki… possibly with good reason come to think of it) and then afterwards we hit the bar and disco!

Tuesday morning came around far too quickly. FAR too quickly.

Getting up and into the office was a bit of a struggle and I didn’t achieve as much during the day as I probably should.

Thanks to the MADs I have learnt a few things:

– I am no longer 21 and really shouldn’t act like I am – bed at 2am is not a good idea, nor is the eleventy seventh glass of wine… even though it was very tasty

– I’m not the only one who dances like a loon

– Bloggers are fab and I’m lucky to have had a chance to meet some great new friends

– Its best to come up with a convincing cover story for work unless you want to have to mutter something about dinners, south coast and then have to quickly change the subject…

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