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Sunday night musings


Off to The MADs tomorrow and having got home and unpacked everything from a weekend away at my mother in laws I seem to be paralysed and unable to get my brain in gear and my act together to pack things for my night away.

I keep muttering to myself to not forget the breastpump but other than that I’ve really not got it all worked out.

But I’m still stuck in my armchair, enjoying the first log fire of the autumn and surfing through my g-reader instead.

I really do dislike Sunday nights quite intensely at the moment.

In the past it hasn’t been so bad – in fact its the times like this when I dread going to work that stand out not the general get stuck back into things feeling I usually.  I guess that until I get settled into this new job, this new company and their new ways of doing things that its going to be a bit like this.

Sunday night also brings into stark relief the time I’ve had with my girls over the weekend and the knowledge that I won’t see them properly all week – half an hour of feeding and putting to bed doesn’t allow me to see them at their best.

We’ve had a good weekend.

Both have been on delightful form – fun, engaging and incredibly different.

Still tomorrow is a brand new day.  Maybe this is the week I’ll start to feel that I’m making progress at work and I do have tomorrow night to look forward to – catching up with old bloggy friends and hopefully putting faces to people I already feel I know very well.

Night all – sleep well.

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