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Six years of wedded bliss & never a cross word


Well perhaps the odd one.


But another year under the belt.

Not exactly the best wedding anniversary ever.

Poor Mr Muddling is still totally submerged in his project so our romantic night out was punctuated by work calls and emails before rushing home so he could get back to it by 10pm. Think we may reschedule for when this thing is over.

We possibly peaked a bit early with the whole romantic wedding anniversary thing.

Our first one was dinner, just the two of us, on a secluded bit of beach in the Maldives. Candlelight, sand under foot, the sound of waves of the shoreline. Bliss.

Just a little bit of a contrast to this weekend. Not least going to a restaurant where they asked if we’d like ice in our gin & tonic – um is there anywhere outside the Arctic Circle where you’d not have ice in your drink? Tepic tonic Madam?

And the following morning Big and I spent some time looking through our wedding album.

Conclusion was I was thin and glowing. Mr looked initially shell shocked and then blissful. And it was a rather good party.

Incredible how far we’ve come in these six years.

Move out of London and the things we’ve done to the house.

Two children in 18 months.

And incredibly we’re still together.

Onwards and upwards together!

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