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Down with self service check outs

Who on earth designed these hideous machines?  Who on earth thought taking away proper check outs and replacing them with self service ones was a good idea?  Who did they get to test them to see if they work in the real world?

Yes, another trip into town to get groceries has ended with me reduced to gibbering rage by a machine that is basically a calculator with an attitude problem.

I defy anyone to manage to work them whilst accompanied by a baby and a toddler.

Unexpected item in bagging area?

Oh yes that’ll be me putting a bag down so I have enough hands to swipe things through.  And if I put the bag down on the floor my toddler will start puling things out and putting them in the bagging area causing the machine to have a melt down at me.

How on earth is this supposed to be quicker than having a real person?

Every time I go I need to have one of the staff remedy something – every time I have to wait whilst they deal with the myriad of other problems that these beastly machines are spewing out.

Please stop the march of the machines and bring back nice humans who understand that juggling small children and shopping means that the last thing I want to do is play at swiping my own goods.  I can do that back home on Muddling Major’s toy till.  And it has noises and everything.

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13 comments to Down with self service check outs

  • make do mum

    >Totally agree. If I have booze in my basket then it's definitely quicker to go to a real person than to wait for someone to eventually come over to confirm that I'm over 18.
    And why doesn't it let me use my own bag? There's an option to click to say that you are using your own only for it to beep at you 'unexpected item'. The beeping always makes me feel like I'm being eyed up as a potential shoplifter too!

  • Mediocre Mum

    >As above, I always get pulled up because 9 times out of 10 I have wine in my shopping. I'm also always terrified I'm going to accidentally nick something. Plus, last time, I didn't notice but as I was putting stuff in madame was taking things out….thing went into meltdown.

  • Notes to self plus two

    >i loved them till i got pregnant and kept experiencing user fail before i got to work … I stopped shopping at m&s before work as a result.

    yes, i can see with children, tricky!

  • TheMadHouse

    >I just hate supermarkets full stop!

  • Hearth-mother

    >Never been near a self service checkout. Online shopping for me. Life's too short for that level of stress!

  • New Mummy

    >I can't help laughing at this. I worked at one of the very first Sainsbury's stores that introduced these, I was a part of the training team and then often did shifts manning the checkouts. They are horrid machines that are super sensitive and personally more trouble than they are worth, though its not helped by customers who try to process a trolley full through when they are really meant for a basket full or customers you really do try and steal items by bypassing the scanning stage!

  • cartside

    >There not meant to be quicker, they're meant to save on staffing costs for the supermarket. So they're not meant to be of any benefit to the customer at all.

    I'm so against them that I boycott them, out of principle. I want a friendly check out person, I want them to have a job and to have a decent salary, rather than support yet higher profits to the supermarket chain in question.

    I've been in a supermarket when no normal checkout was open and I had to use them – I usually pretend to not be able to work them so that I still need a member of staff to assist me 😉

  • Whimsical Wife

    >I am incapable of using one of those without constant requirement of assistance to either prove my age, prove I'm not a thief the unexpected item in the bagging area is usually boyo sat on the bloody thing waiting for me to slooooowwwwly oh so sloooowwwwly scan the stuff through and search the alphabetical choices for a cake I cannot recall the name of.


    >This post is hilarious! I don't mind self checkouts when I just have a punnet of strawberries and a magazine in my hand on the way to work. I do mind them, most certainly, at weekend when I've got my little lad in tow.
    You're totally right! x

  • PhotoPuddle

    >The worse thing is when buying a treat for toddler. You have to prize said treat out of toddler's hand to scan it (fair enough) but then said treat isn't able to be given back to upset toddler because it has to go into the bag to be weighed or whatever. I really don't know why I use them. I usally mess up some how!

  • Livi

    >I agree and I don't even have children! lol! I avoid those machines like the plague, it takes me longer than queueing because everything I put something in the bagging area it doesn't recognise it's there! grrr!

  • Mwa

    >I'm lucky to also have a six year old to do the scanning for me, but I haven't tried to go to the shops with all three. That will be an adventure.

  • Sarah, Maison Cupcake

    >If I've only got 3 things I quite like them. But if it's a basketful and you've got stuff with reduced labels or things like sachets of hot chocolate that are so light they don't trigger the sensor to make it realise you've put stuff in the bag yet then yes they drive me nuts. I spend ages stood there like a lemon waiting for someone to come an override stuff like "unauthorised quantity purchased" – i.e. 3 packs of rice. ZZZZzzzzz!

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