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Ships that pass in the night

The icing on the cake of the whole return to work thing (which I’ll moan more about very soon, I’m sure) is that Mr Muddling has been working really hard.

When I say really hard I mean all hours, all weekends and the teeny, tiny fact of our cancelled holiday.

But its all for a good cause and if it comes off will make his work life infinitely better.  And potentially make our future more secure.  All good.

Except that being incredibly selfish I might have liked him to be around a bit in the evenings to talk to.

Actually come to think of it, this is the man who managed to be on a cross channel race the night my final accountancy exam results came out so he could avoid being there for them!

But I digress.

Its been ok but its strange how tough it is being a married single parent.

I’m having to do everything – all the overnight wakings (and there have been a lot as the girls have got used to a new routine that doesn’t involve me so much), all the organising of the house in my absence, all the minutiae of running a house on your own.

I guess the trouble is that I’m used to having him around.

At the least to occasionally catch up with, to chat to from time to time and its lonely without him.

But at this moment in time I’d quite like a wife.  Someone to take on all this stuff and do it for me (please!).  And someone to mind the girls at the weekend so I can have a good sleep.

Or even better to do the night wakings.

Or children who sleep through the night.

Not fussy – either would do….

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6 comments to Ships that pass in the night

  • Marylin

    >I would also love to have a wife! I think if there is such a thing as reincarnation I would like to come back as a husband, or a bear. Either way you get to sleep and eat lots. 😉

  • Lynda Halliger-Otvos

    >Family Assistant is a term coined several years ago when my job as nanny morphed into "animals to vet, dry cleaning, hangout with Grammy, grocery shop, tend to broken window and be there when repairman comes", etc.

    And I got to return to my humble quiet abode nearly every night.

  • Utterly Scrummy

    >I am a SAHM (most of the time) and know exactly what you mean. It is really annoying being a married single parent. My OH and I have rowed about it on and off. He went to the US for 10 days last year and left me alone with our 3 girls for the first week and a half of the school hols. I coped really well and it wasn't as hard as I thought. It was OK, even when they were all sick for 4 days, I just got on with it. It made me realise that I can cope without him, something I may do in the future should things not improve in our realtionship. I hope you and your OH can work it out. Great big hugs for what you are coping with lovely, stay strong xx

  • TheMadHouse

    >The times when I have to be a married single mum are few and far between, but they put me in awe of single parents. I have no idea of how they cope with it ALL!

  • Myshka

    >Seems like we're in the same boat.

    I'll marry you!

  • MyFuzzyLogic

    >About 2 1/2 years ago I was a married single parent. My husband and I had decided that it was the right thing to do – for him to continue with his career (he'd just retrained at Uni and it seemed a shame to waste it – unfortunately his dream job (which he got) was 200miles away). He took it and over the next 6 months not only did I realise that I could in fact cope with everything on my own, but that I didn't love him/ want him/need him any more. It was a hard thing to realise and eventually he officially moved out and I'm now a single mum. It's not easy (feels bloody impossible sometimes) but I have an amazing support network in my parents and sister and couldn't do it without them.
    I guess what I'm trying to say is don't leave it until it's too too late, if you're not happy, verbalise it now, come to some compromise, maybe set a time limit in when you will review the situation? But please, don't be complacent like I was.
    Good luck ladies.

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