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Toilet training – it’ll happen when it happens

There must be something in the air but everyone I know suddenly seems obsessed with getting their child toilet trained.

Actually on reflection, it probably isn’t that there’s something in the air, more that most of my Mummy friends have children around two and a half.

Its very hard not to get caught up in the toilet training hysteria that has swept our locality.

And its not helped by my Mother being very keen for us to get this thing cracked.  Although she has worked out that her generation were somewhat more motivated to get it all sorted given they had to deal with the horrors of terry nappies and a damp terry nappy has to be rather motivating to a small person too.

I did momentarily allow myself to get caught up in the competitive toilet training wave.

Despite being fairly sure that Major was not ready I went ahead and put her in pants for a day.


When I say not ready, I mean really not ready.

In the slightest.

At all.

Completely disinterested.

And so having realised that she doesn’t get it we’ve deferred the whole process.  I have better things to do with my time than mop up hundreds of accidents and scrap poo off places I rather wouldn’t (oh yes, someone has poo-ed on our trampoline now…).

She obviously does the physical development later / differently from her peers.  This was the child that didn’t do the tentative walking steps but instead one day stood up in the middle of the room and walked across it.

I suspect that one day, at some point in the future, I’ll find her sat on the toilet and that’ll be that.

Or at least that’s what I’m hoping happens!

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9 comments to Toilet training – it’ll happen when it happens

  • PantsWithNames

    >Too right. No point trying to train them until they are ready too – it just leads to tears and tantrums all round, mainly from the parent!

  • New Mummy

    >I'm leaving BG as long as I can, I want her to understand as best she can.

  • vegemitevix

    >Toilet trained? Is that when your son learns to put the seat back down afterwards?

  • Josie @Sleep is for the Weak

    >I'm with you honey. No rush for Kai AT ALL. He has done everything else in his own time and no amount of gentle 'encouragement' has ever made him do anything any faster, just caused a lot of stress and resistance.

    As long as he's potty trained for school then that's all that matters, and two, two and half is still so young. I put him in pants from time to time to get used to the feel of being wet (these bloody nappies make it so hard for them to tell) and we teaching him what the potty/loo is for but that's it. He can tell me when he wants to sit on the thing!


  • Livi

    >Fingers crossed!

  • PhotoPuddle

    >I am dreading potty training. My girl will be two in a couple of months and I know it's something we need to start thinking about very soon. She's just not interested at the moment though. In many respects she's been quite advanced for her age but I just get the feeling potty training isn't going to be easy. Although I know what she's like. I am pretty sure she already knows what it's all about and she'll just wake up one morning able to do it just like that! After she's spent months stressing me out of course!

  • BNM

    >I think Car will be still in nappies at 18!!
    Even though we did get a step closer today when I got out her magazine (argos catalogue) to you and me and asked her to pick one.
    She picked the £29.99 singing ducky but if thats the one she wants and will use it then so be it!!

  • Gemma

    >I couldnt agree more! At every stage in her development my daughter has not tried anything – walking, crawling etc, until she was sure she'd be able to do it well – just like yours, the first time she walked a step, she walked right across the room! potty training has been the same – we waited until she seemed really ready and it has not been too painful. Everybody around us was obsessed with getting her potty trained before we had her sister, but to be honest, sometimes a toddler in nappies is a lot less hassle than one who repeatedly needs her potty emptying / bottom wiping at the most inconvenient times! Wait until you think shes ready and save yourselves a lot of hassle!

  • Clare

    >Totally agree, best for them to do it when they're ready. It gets hard when they are 3y3m and all but one of their friends is trained and they aren't… At that point I questioned my approach. However J trained in a week at 3y5m, the last of anyone I know, but he got it straight off, he's had fewer than 10 accidents since then, including 2 12 hour car journeys (he's 3y7m now). Waiting was absolutely the right thing to do.

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