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>A change of names Chez Muddling

>Now that the littlest Muddling is on the move and has got, well, big, I think its time for a change of names. Babygirl no longer seems appropriate.

And Toddlergirl is rapidly heading into the pre-school world so probably no longer defined by her toddling rather than her aim of world domination.

So may I introduce the rebranded small Muddlings.

I give you many Muddlings (have you any idea how hard it is to find a photo where they’re all in it but you can’t quite see faces???)

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5 comments to >A change of names Chez Muddling

  • BNM

    >I'm glad its not just me – do you know I now take photos of them looking away!!! My husband (who obviously doesn't know about all this) thinks I'm mad!!


  • Notes to self plus two

    >love the pic xx

  • PhotoPuddle

    >Great pic! I don't want to post our faces on my blog either! You've no idea how many photos I've taken of the back of my daughter's head!

  • Family Affairs

    >AAAAH what a gorgeous photo – can't believe how quickly they're growing!! Lx

  • Anonymous

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