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>And I’d like to thank….!


Its about a year since I started really, properly getting into this blogging thing and around the same time since I was put on bed rest and blogging became my link with the outside world.

To mark that and to also mark my transition back into the working world, I thought I’d take a little time to say thank you to some bloggers who have really made a difference to the last year.

Grab yourself a glass of champagne and prepare to toast them!

Modern Dilema

A lovely lady who wrote this post that persuaded me that it was worth having another proper go at getting my marriage back on track.  Utterly indebted to her for making me realise that every marriage has bumps and that I shouldn’t be an idiot and walk away from something good.

The VegemiteVixens (London City Mum, Karamina, Peabee72, Vegemitevix)

I’d never have thought that I’d meet a group of women on the internet who would feel like friends of many years – its great to have met you bunch, even with the whole blonde wig thing going on!

Tim Atkinson (aka Bringing Up Charlie)

Tim was the first established blogger who said nice things about my blog and persuaded me that blogging was a dialogue not just me shouting into the internet.  Without him I’d probably have decided to give it all up a long time ago.

My local bloggy friends (Being A Mummy, Metropolitan Mum, Cafe Bebe and Mummy Whisperer)

The first bloggers I met in person and who made me realise that we aren’t all axe murderers and wierdos (well some are a bit strange…!) – again its incredible to have made real life friends through this thing.  And wonderful.  Thank you.

Everyone who reads and comments

Without you lot this is just me standing in my kitchen shouting at the radio – you make this blog, you read it, you comment and I’m still incredibly touched you use your precious time to do this.  Mr Muddling on the other hand is still mystified why anyone would want to read my random witterings – fortunately he hasn’t found my Twitter stream or he’d be even more worried!

I’m not planning on stopping blogging when I’m back at work but will probably be around less – keep in touch with me on Twitter and please don’t be offended if I miss a really good blog post, just let me know where it is and I’ll get around to it when I can.

In the past when I’ve gone back to work I’ve felt really isolated because I had nobody to talk to.  Thanks to you lot I now have friends I can chat with and its going to make an incredible difference.

Ladies & gentlemen, raise your glasses to the wonders of the bloggy world!

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7 comments to >And I’d like to thank….!

  • Livi

    >Congratulations on your year! 🙂

  • TheMadHouse

    >Well done on your year, I hope you have lots more to come

  • London City Mum

    >I raise my glass to you, my lovely gorgeous and very funny Mud-der-ling.

    I think you are a beacon shining bright for many of us and as an authentic (and original) Vegemite Vixen, I must state that the blonde wig does you no favours (in fact, make that 'does none of us') but the pink sateen jacket is just so, ahem, well, you know, in keeping with our high standards of a very exclusive club.

    Right, now. Enough of that lark.
    Pass me the bleedin' bottle if you haven't already sculled the lot.

    LCM x

  • Karin @ Cafe Bebe

    >It's been lovely meeting you and getting to know you too! Thanks for the mention and I for one am very glad that you chose to blog and that we found each other!

    Good luck going back to work! We'll miss you… 🙂


  • PhotoPuddle

    >Cheers to the wonderful world of blogging!!

  • vegemitevix

    >Awww well done on reaching your bloggerversary. Mine's in about a month or so I think. Brilliant meeting you Muddling and the other Vegemite Vixens. Just so cool that I should have found you lot. You've kept me sane. Ta muchly and pass the champers xxv

  • marketingtomilk

    >Ah, i love this post.
    Good luck for the new chapter.


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