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>Would you open Pandora’s Box on your childcare?

>Mumsrock had a great post about a website to out bad nanny behaviour.

When Super Nanny started working for us, I had a group of friends who kept an eye out for me – not only did it mean I was reassured by reports back that all was going well but it also meant she knew that there were people out there who knew my baby and knew me.  Admittedly one friend did get into her spy role a little too much and stalked them around a local park before leaping out from behind a tree to say hello!

A website would be very different from my modern approach to having a village bringing up my child.  There would be a lot of scope for misunderstanding, misinterpretation and potentially malicious reports.

Who is to say that those two small girls in a red double buggy being cared for by a tall blonde nanny were mine or someone else’s?

What if the whole situation hadn’t been seen and something taken out of context?

What if…?

Worse, for me, the site would have the potential to completely destroy the trust I had built up in my nanny.

The only way I can go out to work is knowing that my children are being looked after my someone who loves them and cares for them as I would (ok perhaps not quite as I would, she doesn’t have one eye on Twitter when perhaps she shouldn’t!).  If that trust is broken down I wouldn’t be able to walk away, get on the train and go to my job.  That trust is incredibly important.

And I know that if the site did exist its like Pandora’s Box, sitting there, tempting you to look and once you do you can’t put the lid back on.

I just hope that I never find out where the site is because I’m not sure I could resist looking and I know I really mustn’t.

Which is not to say that we haven’t put up a security camera on our drive so we can see when she comes and goes nor that my Mum doesn’t ‘drop in’ unexpectedly from time to time!

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2 comments to >Would you open Pandora’s Box on your childcare?

  • Gigi (MumsRock)

    >You've hit nail on the head on this issue. As long as nothing is too bad, you're actually better off not knowing surely? The mistrust would haunt you like you said. Argh….damned if you do, and if you don't – lucky you've got Supernanny 🙂

  • Hayley

    >I'm not lucky enough to have a nanny so cant comment on that aspect of it but when choosing nurseries I did consider choosing one which had "children cam" in it, Ie you could watch on webcam what was going on, but you know what? I would've spent all my days watching it and trying to FIND the faults in the staff and then pull him out and never trust a nursery again, so I didnt.
    I know where he is now might not be perfect all the time but he's happy and he's thriving, as long as hes doing that I'm going to ignore my mum (whos a teacher and thinks she knows all about nurserys) comments about things they say or do in the 5 minutes shes there when she drops/picks up.

    Well done on not finding the site! 😉

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