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>Can I really do this or am I just pretending?

>A lack of confidence is not usually a problem for me.

Yes, I may worry about my appearance and fret over things I have been done after the act but in general I’m a step right in with both size 4s and worry about it later type.

Trouble is that I seem to have mislaid a bit of my confidence.

I had a chat with New Boss this evening – discussing what I’d do when I started and the things I’d already done to make sure that I’m making a running start.

And it hit me that I’m not totally sure I can do this new job.

Yes, the actual minutiae of it may be ok but can I do the politics, can I get the hours to work for me, can I do everything I need to?  Can I really start again having to learn a new firm, a new team and new ways of working?

The sheer force of the amount of work I potentially have to do combined with a new nanny who is working half an hour less a day than Super Nanny means that I am going to have less time to by physically in the office and how are they going to cope with this?  More importantly how am I and my family going to cope with this?

The team seems a lot less diverse than I remember from when I was interviewing with them and this worries me.  I’ve moved from the frat house environment of an investment bank hoping for a nicer environment and now I’m worried that it won’t actually be any better.

Please can you check behind your sofa and see if my confidence is hiding back there?  I need it back before Monday morning

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8 comments to >Can I really do this or am I just pretending?

  • Notes to self plus two

    >i am a huge believer you should only take a new job if it does scare the hell out of you.

    An unfortunate but perfectly normal and slightly prolonged case of Sunday pre-new job panic.

    my best and only advice comes from you …. step right in with both size 4s and worry about it later type.

    i reckon you are going to be great!!!

  • PantsWithNames

    >I think every one loses their confidence a bit when they've been away from the world of work for longer than 2 weeks. Get stuck in with both size 4s. Worry later. You'll be amazing! xxx

  • solveig

    >I'm sure it will be fine when you get there. I feel a bit like this everytime I go to work!! But it's never as bad as I think it's going to be. Good luck!

  • JulieB

    >I guess it's inevitable to have fear of the unknown – however, deep down, I'm sure you know that they would not have hired you if they didn't think you could do the job!
    Knock 'em dead…

  • Pass the Chablis...it's 5pm

    >I've been following your blog for a little while and it is clear you are an intelligent, competent person. Plus first night nerves are a good thing!
    I'm a big believer in faking it until you make it. It seemed to work for me when I started a new job last Sept (although still a bit faking!!)
    Wishing you the best of luck

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Notes to Self – you're right – its a MASSIVE case of Sunday panic. I spent 15 months interviewing and only now it all feels a bit eeek! We shall see

    Pants with Names – thank you – its strange, I know I can do it I just worry that I'll have forgotten how

    Solveig – thank you – I'm not good with change anyway but am sure it'll all turn out ok. Hopefully

    JulieB – thanks – you're right, total fear of the unknown (and how i'm going to do a 2 day induction thing without tweeting!)

    Pass the Chablis – you are right, fake it, talk the talk, walk the walk and it will come! Thank you (and love the name)

  • Notes to self plus two

    >Excellent, I will be cheering for you Monday morning xxxx

  • Mummywhisperer

    >Totally agree with all the others. So here's a tip fir tackling the fear if it gets any worse over the weekend – actually face it & say 'what's the worst thing that could happen?'.then follow it with 'and why would it be ok for me or the family if it did – what would we get out of it?'. You'll find the fear is much less when 'named & shamed' & reality will set in when you realise even the worst isn't so bad.
    I can always give you areference for dairy free lemon drizzle cake baking jobs ;0) xxx

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