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Baby led weaning – pasta & strategies to cope with a glut of courgettes


Step 1 – harvest yet another pile of courgettes from the veggie patch

Step 2 – cut into thin slices and fry until nice and brown

Step 3 – add in a bit of garlic and chilli

Step 4 – mix into freshly cooked pasta

Step 5 – remove all clothes from smallest member of the family

Step 6 – deposit a mountain of pasta on her tray

Step 7 – stand back and watch the incredible pasta eating machine in action (note the two handed pasta queuing action in particular)

Step 8 – carry upstairs for a bath with pasta encrusted tummy facing out

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6 comments to Baby led weaning – pasta & strategies to cope with a glut of courgettes

  • RebaMc

    >mmmm… sounds yummy! we've got a glut of courgettes too – might give this a try. we've also got a little who utilises the two-handed technique… often with toast, taking a bite out of one and then the other!

    I notice you're using a teething necklace… are you finding it helps?

    Right… I'll shut up now! As you were 🙂

  • Parklover

    >I'm growing courgettes for the first time ever this year. Brilliant, now there's never nothing for tea! I've also been having plenty of courgette and pasta variants, as well as grilled courgette pizza. Yum.

  • Crystal Jigsaw

    >I have a smile on my face thinking about that outward tummy. Sounds very much like mine!

    CJ xx

  • Diney

    >Yum – you are so lucky to have a child who likes food! Mine is A FUSSY EATER …horror of horrors.

  • Katherine

    >Ohhhhh yes, I remember those days, my floor still bears the shiny halo where I would scrub the floor daily of dried pasta, rice etc. Wonderful though and Archie will eat everything, although i kind of accidently BLW my first child due to the fact that she wouldn't have anything to do with solid food for the first 8 months of her life. Love it, it works!

  • […] let her dig into porridge with her hands (her interest in spoons is irregular at best). Hannah from Muddling Along Mummy offered a step-by-step for pasta and courgettes which starts in her veggie patch and ends in the […]

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