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>Frumpy Mummy to fabulous female?


I have just realised that after three years of either being pregnant or losing my baby weight that the clothes that used to be the core of my working wardrobe are either now not quite fitting in the right places (my boobs are still enormous but my hips seem slimmer strangely) or just look horribly dated.

I’ve been happy living in my Mummy clothes this last year but can’t turn up to the office wearing jeans and an easily washable top / jumper.

So the question is what can I buy to form the backbone of a nice working wardrobe?

I need to look smart but no longer need to wear a suit.  I tend to wear dresses but need them to have relatively easy access to my boobs so I can pump.  I’d like it to look fashionable but not like a victim.

Can you direct me to any good websites?  Can you give me some tips?  Can someone come over and wave a magic wand and replace my frumpy wardrobe with something fabulous?

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10 comments to >Frumpy Mummy to fabulous female?

  • PantsWithNames

    >And when the wardrobe fairy has been to see you could you send her in my direction. I fail to understand how I never have anything that I want to wear! x

  • Karin @ Cafe Bebe

    >I have the Style Guru for you- Claire Chaplin aka @lolas_mum/ The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. She's a genius with clothing. Her "Bump Wear Project" blog does have a 4th Trimester section. She's getting married this weekend & away on honeymoon for 2 wks after that but if you catch her on Twitter, she might have good recommendations for you.

    I'm not suitable to give advice but what about wrap dresses??? Still look smart & give you the boob access. I'll just carry on wearing my sweatshirts though! 😉


  • FrauHopkins


    or http://www.isabellaoliver.com/womens-clothing

    They usually have some really great pieces.
    Good luck!

  • Notes to self plus two

    I have been looking for a word to describe how I feel 3 weeks after birth, and it's frumpy – thanks ;-).
    Anyway … So excited for you going back to work, we need to know everything.
    I reckon Isabella Olivier 365 collection always looks good and easy for work.
    Great (dark) jeans, expensive jacket and killers heels, big necklace. Or … A great yet simple dress.


  • Metropolitan Mum

    >I'd opt for skirts and blouses + cardies. a) can be very smart looking without being a suit b) boob-accessibility guaranteed and c) you don't want to throw out dresses next year once you stopped breastfeeding. If you are as lucky as I was, nothing will ever be quite the same once you shrunk back to your normal size…

  • FortyNotOut

    >Well come on over to The Online Stylist – my new baby! x

  • Hot Cross Mum

    >I won't even attempt to offer any advice as I am suffering similar clothing malaise at the moment – and I don't even have an office to go to. Seems you have some great 'Blog-ck Wans' already helping so good luck.

  • Cheshire Mum

    >I was going to suggest http://www.isabellaoliver.com too – but to be clear I look dreadful at the moment and have literally nothing to wear – proper washing and tumble drying stuff overnight territory! All the best with the new job hun xxxx

  • twoambitiousmamas

    >Black, black, black. It covers a multitude of sins. Add a colourful scarf and bangles.

  • Snaffles Mummy

    >I tend to rely on ASda/tesco for simple black trousers and basic plain vest tops and then dress that up with wrap over cardigans from places like newlook, next, asos or monsoon. I only work part time so hate spending alot on work clothes

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