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Another rubbish end to a holiday

>Instead of being ensconced in a lovely family friendly self-catering hotel for the rest of this week, the Muddling family are back home.

Unfortunately Mr Muddling has been recalled to work poor thing and so the girls and I decided it was probably more fun to be back at home with a teeny tiny chance of seeing a little bit of him from time to time.

So instead of lazing by a pool and enjoying a nice lunch today I am wading through the post holiday pile of laundry and restocking my fridge.

Rock and roll it is not.

However, finding a silver lining in this particular grey cloud is the wonderfulness of being freed from the no mobile signal/incredibly unreliable wifi connection that has plagued me this last week and being back in the land of proper internet connectivity!

In other news, Babygirl has now got two teeth!  Which sadly she knows how to use on my boobs as well as enabling her to munch much more.

Right, now are there any blog posts I absolutely have to read???  My g-reader is at nearly a thousand and I’m just going to have to go zap after this evening or my sanity may suffer.

If you have something I absolutely should read leave me the link here please!

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