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>Why do I blog?


I’ve been mulling this over for a while and then I got tagged by Holly at It’s a Mummy’s Life with the Blogger of Substance Award to describe why I blog in five words.

Which set of a whole train of thought which has taken me a while to work through (and which is why I’ve taken a while to get around to writing this).

I first had a ‘hmmmm why do I blog?’ moment at the Innocent event. Meeting real people who knew me as a blogger rather than me and trying to explain who I was and about my blog without sounding like a nutter.

And realising that I had to find a way to balance my enjoyment of my blog and the blogging community with my need for some anonymity from my professional life.

The anonymity thing has also been blurred by a old friend discovering my blog and spending many hours reading it. She let me know she’d found it and after the initial reaction of eek! I realised that I was more than happy for her to read it, in fact touched that she’d said she liked it and what I was writing.

For me, this blog has supported me through a terrible pregnancy, the incredibly tough early days after Babygirl was born and through returning to work (and then resigning!).

I could walk away from it once I’m back at my new job but I think I’m going to need this blog and my blogging friends even more then, a touch of normality, a link to my Mummy life, a link to other women I admire and like.

I suspect that the content will continue to change and to evolve, as it has done since I started it.

Which brings me to my blogging philosophy –

Blogging honestly about real life

And I’d like to pass it onto the following bloggers (who have probably already received it – apologies if that’s the case)

Battling On for her crafting skills
Bumbling Along for her great piece on legal issues during Cybermummy
Karamina in her new incarnation at Tales from the village
London City Mum for being a freakily close real life connection plus a fab blogger
Claire at Being a mummy for being a great working mum blogger

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6 comments to >Why do I blog?

  • London City Mum

    >You're right. Not only are we eerily close in real life, but I have also been tagged with this one not so long ago!

    But am truly honoured to get this one TWICE. Am feeling all warm and tingly.
    Oh, hang on, that was the Tena lady moment… sorry.

    LCM x

  • Paula

    >Ooh thank you, I'm chuffed! I've been loving your blog long time – long before I 'knew' you and it's even better now I do know you so I'm really pleased that you've come out of the closet a little…

    You're right, I am already tagged, but I'm rubbish so haven't done it – I will now, honestly I will!


  • vegemitevix

    >Blogging honestly about life…sums it up for me too!

  • marketingtomilk

    >I went and posted my blog on facebook the first week i started it. In hindsight i think i should have thought that one through a bit more first. It's quite mind blowing knowing that a whole new blogosphere are reading you PLUS all your old friends and family. The nerves o set in a bit, you can't see their reaction so you never know what people are really thinking.

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >LCM – snort! You and your tena problems… shakes head

    Paula – ok I'm so far behind the curve here… oops!

    Veg – we're too similar!

    Marketingtomilk – yikes, that is brave, but it does give you an instant audience (or do they not read it?)

  • Rachael (Tales from the Village)

    >I have to confess I forgot about this – thank you! Will add it to my bloggy things to do list for this week! xx

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