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Hooky happiness

I blame Spud, she suggested crochet as a nice portable, holiday sized thing to do and got me all excited about a ripple blanket.  Turns out that was a bit complicated for me but then I found Attic24 had started a granny stripe.

And I was very tempted.

Not least because I had some bright wool lying around the place begging to get used.

So I decided to give it a whirl.

One long evening, chaining 300 (I want it to be nice and snuggly and wide enough to go on the foot of our kingsized fits in two adults and two smalls bed), coming back doing the double crochet and then finally into the trebles.  Only to discover I needed a small tweak at the end of the row (I don’t *think* you can tell).

And then into positively addictive rows of triples.

Its the perfect project – easy to do, quick-ish to make progress and totally able to be put down quickly and left without worrying about it.

Trouble is I think I need more colours and I can see it getting a lot less portable once it gets big!

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8 comments to Hooky happiness

  • London City Mum

    >Oh dear – what HAVE you started now? You do realise that this means you will turn up for your first day of work carrying the equivalent of a 'comfort blanket' in your handbag? Hmmmm.

    Might need to be present with my snappy camera. You have been warned!

    LCM x

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Hahahaha no way am I taking it to the office for a few weeks (am already wondering about showers so I can go running!) – well at least a few days

    I will be taking my comfort iphone with me – at least that way I can tweet about it all !

  • Spudballoo

    >I like to think if myself as an 'enabler' or a yarn pimp 🙂

    Looks super! Well done you, am jealous as I'm still on a crochet break due to hurty arm.

    Loving the mental image of you dragging your blanket around the City, Linus style….

    Shall we meet un the City one day and get hooky in public together? Ooh er. Perhaps we need a hooky blog camp? X

  • PhotoPuddle

    >A rather inspiring post. I've been thinking about learning to crochet since I went through my craft stuff the other week and realised just how much wool I have. I've got about four unfinished knitting projects sitting around (nothing fancy!) so thought I might give crochet a go as a new challenge.

  • Snaffles Mummy

    >ooh that looks beautiful already. What yarn are you using?

    I have seen this on attic 24. So desperate to do one too but need to finish what I have started already.

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Snaffles Mummy – its baby cashmerino which I'd had for a while – its not as soft as I'd hoped but the colours are lovely

    Mwa – thank you!

    Photo Puddle – the thing it has over knitting is you can literally drop it when the kids need you & no need to finish a row which makes it really convenient for me

    Spud – yup you are an enabler! We shall definitely have to meet up for a natter with our addictions in tow. Sorry to hear about your wrist

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