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>I’ve lost that blogging feeling

>Sorry not to have been around so much recently but I seem to have mislaid that something that makes it easy to sit and write my blog.

Its not that I don’t have ideas for blog posts or the drive to write just that life has been getting in the way.

We’ve had my mother in law to stay for 10 days whilst she recovered from back surgery (the good news is that she’s making a great recovery).

We’ve had huge problems with the drains.  We’re off mains drainage so have a septic tank and a soakaway.  Turns out the idiots who laid our patio at the end of the garden got some soil and possibly cement down the soakaway so it was no longer soaking away properly.  Not ideal when we’ve just laid a patio down there because it had been lovely and smell free up until then…  To add to the mix after inconclusive camera surveys we had it dug up.  Only to discover that it wasn’t working at all well which meant digging up half a field, adding in 20 tonnes of gravel to the mix and hopefully making it all better.  We’ll see.

I have also been having our bedroom redecorated which has meant brick dust everywhere because I thought it might be nice to remove the plaster from the chimneybreast.  It does look lovely now but oh my there’s a lot of dust in the house and now I have to move all the furniture back into the room.

Oh and we’re off on holiday next week so I’m trying to get myself all packed up and sorted.  Its self catering so I’m also trying to work out what we need to take with us.  Slightly complicated by the fact I need to make sure we continue with our dairy free life.

I’ve also realised that I have only a month until I’m back at work and, after a lovely meeting with my new boss, have a few things that need to be done before I start there.

So in short I’ve not been around much.  I’ve a google reader stuffed full of blog posts and no time to sit and enjoy them.

I will be around and I will catch up with memes, posts I’ve promised and reading but it may not be for a bit until I get myself out of the this rut.

Oh and fall out of love with the granny stripe blanket I’ve started.

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7 comments to >I’ve lost that blogging feeling

  • The Moiderer

    >I hate problems with soak aways. We had huge yukky problems. In the end we fitted a klargester biodisc and have not looked back since. Expensive but worth it

  • JulieB

    >I've had similar issues with losing the blogging feeling (strangely, Cybermummy paralysed my urge to write instead of energising me, which in some ways is counterintuitive). Mainly, however, like you – real life has got in the way, and that's ok.

    Hope you sort all your bits & pieces, and have a lovely holiday.

  • rosiescribble

    >Sounds as if you have got a lot on. I think life sometimes does get in the way of blogging and that's perfectly okay. We can't do everything (although I have been known to try and then end up forgetting something really important like food shopping!). Have a lovely holiday and return when you can.

  • Mwa

    >Sounds like you have an awful lot on your plate…

  • vegemitevix

    >I think lots of people are taking a bit of a break. It seems much quieter on Twitter and in the comments' panes. Glad you're getting a decent holiday though. Hope you have fun!

  • Mother Hen

    >It's funny how the little things can completely bog us down and make the day pass too quickly to catch up. Have a lovely holiday and re-charge.

  • drop4three

    >Suspend real life a moment
    Hold dreams and wishes too
    For that I'd be so grateful
    As I've a blog post to do

    Life, you're getting in the way now
    I beseech you with this rhyme
    Don't you dare take the next step
    And interfere with tweeting time

    Have a great holiday

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